Sunday, June 2, 2013

Expiration Date.

Well, I thought this day would never come, want a reason for my prolonged absence? Here's your reason, guess who finally reached Slendy's nerves, here's a tip, he wears bandaged, has a morphing azoth suit.

Couple of days back, I was just killing a couple of proxies, looking for Diana, when he rudely interrupted my fun. Appeared behind me like the cheap bastard he is, sent his tendrils at my neck, but ol' Kelevra is not a dummy, my darling Fortissimo, she speaks to me, she warns me in time, I duck, he misses, tell Fortissimo to leak towards my feet and push me off of the ground in order to give me a big jump boost, in order to move further from Slendy.

He could easily use The Path and kill me while I was in the air, but I knew he wouldn't, he wanted me to know that I'm not under his protection no more, he wants to see me suffer, since he never saw me truly suffering.

After I landed I turned to look at Slendy and he was right in front me in a mere second, I starred into that blank thing he calls a face and I smile, I feel him, I feel that he is pissed at me, I feel that he is fed up with me. I enjoy it, he knows I'm enjoying it, killing me then and there, would not be satisfying.

A sudden tentacled was sent in my direction from his chest, but my darling Fortissimo, she feels him, she knows him, she is him, she saves me, but while she is saving me, Slendy disappears.

So now I am a free agent kiddies, I have no sides, no missions, only one desire driving me and all of you know what it is.

Nothing and no one will stop me, not Incognito, not Vikady, not The Judgment and not even Slendy, we, me and Fortissimo, we will achieve our goal, finally, FULL FREEDOM!


  1. Huh. Well how about that. Where are you taking your destructive tendencies now?

    That taking on the world with Fortissimo thing, that's strangely adorable. In very twisted way.

  2. Okay so that's a change I have to make to your file.


  3. Sounds fun. Hope things don't turn out too badly, too early.

  4. Hahaha, you know, I never thought Slendy would have a Gone Horribly Right moment.

  5. So you're basically another psychopathic runner now? like Banks or Arkady? that is pretty priceless, even if I am bricking it a wee bit.