Saturday, June 8, 2013

Marhsmallow Man don't Have Shit on me!

Eat that Marshmallow Man (New nickname for TPFF), whats the matter? Can't track me now? Dawww shucks, too bad.

See kiddies, this is when it pays to have 4 Aces up your sleeve, counting me along with them, that is 5 Aces in total.

Amazing what you can do, with good connections and a little bit of imagination, you are capable of tricking even the most deadly force on the planet. And I don't mean only Marshmallow Man, pretty soon, I will be ending up on a target list of many Fears, but more details about that later.

So Marshmallow Man, if you're reading this, which you probably aren't, but one of your bitch secretar- Oracles is. Come get me, what? You can't? You know why? Cause there is no frequency to track, I didn't use The Path. And this post? I'm no amateur, I know how you can track people through these, well guess what, no frequency coming from this post, because currently, I am posting this, outside of Earth, so yeah, Fuck you.

And no, I am not in space, I'm a lousy Astronaut.


  1. You're a lousy astronaut? :) If you never try, you'll never know.

    You being outside Earth is a good fucking thing, except I fear that you may be able to step back it at any given time.

    Reminds me of Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. Piss Pale Beanstalker is kind of like a really fucking pale Flump.

    1. I like how you are becoming more friendly with me, I think I'm rubbing off on you.

      Oh of course, I came back to earth the instant I published this post, I just needed to publish this post from such a spot that would not give away a frequency, so I wouldn't be tracked by Marshmallow Man.

      That fat thing made me laugh, more than it should have.

    2. ...That first paragraph is an EXCELLENT way to get me to FLIP SHIT!!! LIKE YOU HAVENT DONE ENOUGH! It's not like I can afford to piss you off or anything! BESIDES, MY REACTIONS VARY DEPENDING ON THE TIME OF THE MONTH!!! OR NOT!!! KIND OF UNPREDICTABLE WHEN YOU'RE FREAKING MALNOURISHED!!!

      And you took me through the PATH without ASKING, I'm still TICKED THE FUCK OFF with that. WHAT IF LIKE A DECADE HAD PASSED AND I WAS TEN YEARS OLDER. NOT READY TO BE TWENTY SIX. NOT IF THAT'S THE AGE THAT SCREWED YOU THE FUCK UP!!! BESIDES, you wouldn't have a CLUE what to do if I came out there TWENTY FUCKING SIX either, since I wouldn't be just a LITTLE GIRL.

      And don't get me STARTED on hurting Incognito. If you hadn't noticed, I'm FIERCELY loyal to friends, hence why I have a tendency to FLIP SHIT OUT OF BULLETPROOF GLASS when you hurt him!!!

      ...well this was therapeutic.

    3. It's okay Minxie, it's okkay, we all know that Truth hurts, but trust me, once you accept it, it becomes a lot more easier to live.

      Honestly, if you turned 26 in the Path, you would probably die as soon as you got out of it, because of the drastic changes your body would go through because of the older age.

      So you shouldn't worry about that.

    4. You foresaw this when you started answering all my questions, helping me out, didn't you? I might even take it a step further and say you were trying to create some kind of dependency.

    5. Partially, yes I did foresee this. Granted I never thought that your interest would grow into something bigger, never thought it would grow into fascination.

      You act as if you hate me and maybe you do, but the only reason you hate me, is because I can do what you never could, deep inside you want to do the things I do everyday, you want to let go and go a little crazy.

      I guess, what I'm trying to say is that you hate me, not for killing people, not for raping their bodies, not for threatening your friends, not for taking you trough the path, not for drugging you, nothing like that. You hate me, because you're jealous, you're jealous of me being free of my morals, while you are not. You want to be, not just like me, but something really close.

      And I've been helping you out with that, all this time. I didn't create a dependency, you made that illusion for yourself, you could have simply rejected all my help, yet you constantly took it, no, that is no dependency, you trust me.

      Which means you picture me as your teacher, and it is true, the way we converse proves it, you ask questions like a student and I provide answers like a teacher, but I provide them not fully, I provide such answers that bring other questions, thus, we are having an endless class session.

      Pretty soon Minxie, I will allow you to go a little crazy, pretty soon.

    6. To be honest Sanna, you can't say you weren't warned. Repeatedly.

    7. Exactly my point, any smart fellow would take the advice and ignore me, she's not stupid, so the reason she keeps talking with me, is because she enjoys it.

      She enjoys asking me questions, but why does she feel the urge to ask so many questions? Because she wants to learn.

      That is the potential I saw and still see.

    8. Annnd now I'm scared shitless.

    9. Being afraid of the truth is pointless, just like being afraid of death. Just admit it, and this game will suddenly become a lot more easier, but don't admit it to me, admit it to yourself.

      Seriously, sit down and instead of asking me questions, ask some questions from yourself.

    10. Well, I don't think I want to go crazy. I just want to survive. And get my own back. What's stopping me from doing that? Well, you. Incognito, too, 'cause I'd feel like I was letting him down, now that might seem trivial to you or him, but when you've had this many losses in two months, you don't want to let down whoever you have left.

      But I don't feel guilt about killing Fiver, and that's the kicker that makes me wonder if killing Snowblind would mean going crazy. Maybe normal life was just never an option. I dunno.

    11. Yeah, you have some major problems if those are the only reasons. I had a friend who determined right and wrong by what his friends thought. He ended up in an asylum. So the thing you have to ask is if killing Snowblind is right, not if your peers will think well of you for it.

    12. Asylum? Been there, done that.

      Is morality not a product of your surroundings - your peers?

    13. I'd like to think that it's the product of a process of reason to determine the action that provides the maximum felicity for all involved. Rather than simple peer pressure- otherwise I would consider it 'moral' to spend most of my time on drugs and have difficulty considering people as having worth. I had some fucked up friends.

    14. Well think of it this way, if I make a blasphemous joke here in England, you'd probably laugh or frown and that would be that. In Saudi Arabia, it would be considered utterly immoral and offensive and by law I could be stoned to death. In theory, me telling you a blasphemous joke wouldn't do any harm at all. But surroundings, peers, has made it a big subject, that is how it has worked.

      I won't argue the morality of something cannot be determined by the consequences. But that begs the question - what are the consequences of killing Snowblind? The most obvious one being that it would stop him killing and torturing more in the future. And that would actually be a good outcome.

    15. But what consequence would the blasphemous joke have on others? It would mildly irritate a few people, but not seriously. And it can be argued that those who have more of a reaction aren't reacting validly.

      As for killing snowblind, that is the only reason I can accept for murder. To prevent him killing again. Because with other motives- revenge, politics, your own satisfaction- the outcome you are hoping for is self gratification. But if you really do seek to kill him to prevent future deaths, not for your own purposes, you have no reason to feel guilt.

    16. That's exactly the thing, though. The joke doesn't affect anyone seriously, so in this case, the morality - what would cause those people to rationalise stoning me - probably isn't determined by the consequences. It's because they were brought up to see it as an unfathomable thing. You and I were brought up with no particular slant on it, so we wouldn't see it as a problem.

      I have several reasons for wanting to kill him. Him not hurting anymore people just happens to be the biggest one. In these emotionally fragile times it is probably not the one that has shone through the most, but it's the case, at least for me.

    17. Law =/= morality. There can be things that are right, but against the law, and vice versa. For example, in the American deep south before the 1700s slavery was legal, but still morally wrong, even when the common perception was that it was a neutral act.

    18. Yeah, and then they banned slavery because they realised it was morally wrong.

      If enough people think it's wrong, then it won't be a law. But for that law to be in place, people would have to think it was justified.

    19. And the people making the laws can be wrong. And often have a slightly twisted sense of right and wrong; the people in power are usually those who wanted the power the most. This is either because they believe that they are the best to have power (and are thus arrogant and often blind to their flaws) or they don't care if they take power at the cost of having a better ruler in charge (sociopaths).

      That's my point. Don't rely on other people to know what's right and what's wrong. Don't rely on laws, or friends, or even the people who raised you. Decide for yourself, using reason and logic. That way you can't be wrong without incomplete data.

    20. If I was relying on laws, there's a lotta shit I wouldn'tve done. I was just giving an example of how morality can be an embedded thing, for better or for worse. Usually for worse though.

      I don't trust myself to decide what's right, though, because if I kill a person and don't feel guilty about it, that doesn't put me in any position to make moral choices. Like when a non-proxy attacked me, I put a freaking scalpel through his foot. That was wrong of me. I'm not any good at those choices.

    21. Stabbing that guy's foot was wrong from an emotional viewpoint. But lets look at the consequences.

      The guy was stealing your clothes. I think what he was thinking of was far, far worse than what you did, and even if he wasn't planning anything of the sort, in your blog post you said you thought he was a proxy trying to kill you. The sum total of your actions was still the most good for the most people, based of your (understandable) thoughts.

    22. OK, I'm starting to see your wavelength now.

      Holy shit though, I just thought back on it. "Stealing my clothes"... fuck, you're right, that wasn't what it was about at all... holy fucking shit. Shit. What the fuck. Shit. Shit. I must've been trying to protect myself from really facing it... holy shit.

    23. Sorry. I thought you had realised.