Saturday, June 22, 2013

Aces of Rejects, Member #3: Queen Egle

Name: Sandra Mullins (Egle)
Age: ???
Sex/Gender: Female
Occupation: Ex-Lilim
Weapon: Katana, Anything can get her hands on.
Tittle: Queen
Favorite Line: Come closer darling.
Theme Song: Emilie Autumn - I Know Where You Sleep

Special "Talent": Shape shifting, Enhanced Agility, Enhanced Strength, Even though she is made of bones, she can bend her body in such ways, that it seems the bones are practically absent, her body can bend so much, that she can fit herself in a small box, or vent.

Bio: Dear Sandra was once a simple punk girl, she was going to rock concerts and such, learning wasn't really going well, but at that time, she didn't really need it. One day she gets kidnapped by some guys, raped and sold into prostitution slavery. There she is bought out by a satanist, he leads her to a satanistic cult and along with other women that the satanistic cult has bought out, makes her strip dance on top of a fence that is on fire. If you didn't move, you're feet got burnt to hell, so you really had no choice, but dance non stop for the satanistic perverts. One day, dear Sandra looks at a mirror, sees herself, feels the disgust, hatred, fear boil up inside of her and then she sees The Mother of Snakes. Slowly she becomes her servant, and is then allowed to take revenge, once she takes her revenge, she realizes she has no purpose, so she abandons The Mother of Snakes and joins my group, she sees the point in my goal, she agrees with it and she wants to help, I'm not one to deny assistance.

Fighting Style: Kapoeira.

Main Goal: Helping me with my goal.

Status in The Team: Espionage, since she can make herself look like any human being, she can gain trust of other servants, or runners.

And that is our dear Egle, she calls herself Egle, because it is a Lithuanian Fairy Tale about a girl who marries The King of Snakes and becomes The Queen, but is then later killed by the same said snakes and king.


  1. So, the winner of 'miss paranoia fuel'? grand. Times like this I'm glad I know everyone who wants to be my underling intimately.

  2. Reading her history, I'm glad I haven't encountered many traffickers on the streets so far. *shudder* You get offered a "job"... to meet at a "warehouse"... for an "interview" and an "initiation" and then a "holiday abroad". And then when you turn them down they get aggressive. Clockwork.