Thursday, June 6, 2013

Good to Be Back.

So, where have I been all this time? Well now that I am a free agent, I gotta keep running from my ex-boss, but you know, I think I lost him off my hide and for good, how do I know, alright, allow me to explain.

Every time a proxy uses a path Slendy knows about it, how? He is linked to that place, in fact I think that place IS the actual Slenderman and the business suit thing we see, is just a puppet The Path uses in order to connect to this world, but those are just assumptions and mean nothing. What IS important is that Slendy can feel anything that is going on within The Path, which means if I use it, he will get a whiff of me and easily track me down.

Well lassies, today I was once again trying to avoid Slendy, I was constantly moving, when sudden;y he caught me, and I had to start escaping him, while Fortissimo was covering my back from his long ass tendrils, and that is when this place faced bitch came in.

As I was running through the streets, I saw her standing there in the alleys, running out of options, I remember that this girl can manipulate time somehow and teleport, so I start brain storming and wonder, what would happen if The Pale Faced Fuck (TPFF - is how I'm gonna call him now) that was right behind me, ran into her.

So I start running towards her, but once I got close to her, that was not what I was planning on, but whatever, she teleported me to where you may ask? Well of course The United States of America! Also, I found out something, TPFF can not track you, if you have used other supernatural ways of transportation, for example: The Pale Faced Girl, or Any Other Fears' domain. How did I come to that conclusion, well for a creature that was ready to tear my head off immediately, he hasn't appeared in about 6 days now and I haven't even moved, once.

So now I know of a way how to lose TPFF, there's a lot of checkpoints in this area to other Fears' domains, I just have to plan things out and I have a whole system of escape plans.


  1. I was wondering what happened. "TPFF" came back to the apartment. I stammered out "Haven't seen Kelevra; get the fuck off my case" and ran like fuck and locked myself in the bedroom. Don't know if it's still there.

    Actually I was thinking, I hope Mendella is OK 'cause I haven't seen him in a while. An I wonder if Vikady's sorted out Incognito yet. Poor guy, sounds like he had a rough time in the Path.

    1. Oh he came over? Should have offered him some tea and crumpets.

      Don't give two shits about Mendella, dude can go and die.

      Same for Vikady.

      As For Incognito, sadly now that I can't use The path all that often, I can't really check up on what is going on.

      Which sucks.

    2. I fucking hate crumpets, they taste like shit and butter. There are better English foods than that. Cadbury's chocolate for example. And I'm not sharing my tea with that tall pale shitbag.

      Aw, don't say that; I like those guys as well. I'd like to hate Vikady for his actions in the subway, but since he hacked police files just to give some kid he doesn't owe shit to some information, so I can't really hate him. And he's probably bigger than me. Hating people who are bigger than you is dangerous.

      I'm glad you can't use the Path often. Now I can kill Snowblind with one less interruption.

    3. Yeah, bad news about that. There's a standing order to keep him alive; not sure how he pulled that one off. Anyway, be on your guard. Fair warning.

    4. Hehehehehe you didn't think I didn't prepare for when TPFF would get tired of me, right, Minxie? True, I can't interfere, but as Mcdonalds stated up there, one of my ace's came into play.

      And I have five of them.

    5. No, all you Russian sirs have a thing for planning ahead. But I'm surprised you were devoted enough to the cause to get Snowblind protection.

      There's only four aces in a deck of cards. I been playing Call My Bluff since I was seven, biotch. Although never with actual money.

    6. Ah! You say four, but I say five, see? That's the problem with most of you, you rather follow the rules, instead of making your own.

      Philosophy aside, the word "Ace" doesn't always necessarily associate with cards.

    7. If I was following the rules, I think I would have listened to Incognito and not confronted Amelia. See I have a 'listen to your elders' thing. Actually if I had, I would have avoided this entire mess. Sadly, curiosity prevails over rules.

      Now I have Call My Bluff nostalgia. :( It's like Liar's Dice with cards.

    8. I was speaking of different rules, the rules of the game, you decide to run, you agree on your weaknesses whenever someone points them out to you, you just lay down and that's it.

      For example, people tell me I'm a psycho, yet I disagree, I always say, that I am a person who is simply 10 steps ahead.

      Figure it our Minxie, it is not that hard.

    9. Bad news, Kelevtov. It would appear those who refer to you as a psycho are indeed correct. What a turn up for the books!
      After all, being a proxy requires some description of mental illness- pert of the whole package. And as for the abnormal or violent behaviour, it works on both counts. If murder wasn't abnormal, I'd be far too busy with my hobbies to be typing this.

    10. Not neceseraly, you should know better than me, that proxies can be anyone, not only crazies.

      They can refer to me whatever they want, I know for myself, that I am a person who is simply 10 steps ahead. Get it? Do you get the point I am trying to relay? No? Oh well, too bad, you should broaden your mind.

    11. Nope, sorry, you kind of lost me on the whole 'proxies don't have to be crazy' thing. We work for a manifestation of humanity's fear, and that kind of requires an unsound mind. Not to mention, sanity is defined by conformation to the 'sane' whole. Even if you are ten steps ahead, the end result is that you are counted as insane, as defined by the 'sane' majority. Like everything else, large amounts of idiots are required to be right. In both senses.

    12. Oh you don't get the point of this conversation, disappointing.

    13. :D If you know anything about psychos, know not to expect to win an argument with them, whether you are right or not.

      While you've been busy being nice to everyone, psychos have been busy learning how to get whatever they want, how to steer people into corners, how to read the emotions of others and use them to their advantage.

      In fact, if you want an almost certain identifier of a person who lacks empathy, find someone who lies effortlessly. They will show no flickers of guilt or emotion, because they simply can't and don't give a shit.

    14. Oh really, there is nothing to learn, when you have an everyday conversation with a therapist.

      I don't give a shit, but I also do not lie, have you noticed? I never lied to any of you, not even once, Sure the skittles moment was a tricky one, but I never said the skittles were good to eat, I simply withheld the information that they were drugged.

      I don't lie, lying is bad.

    15. And the information you're withholding now is that when you tell the truth, you only tell it if it will entertain you.

      As for caving on rules, well it might surprise you to learn I'm fucking stubborn. But on these blogs there's always someone who easily breaks me down into a little girl.

    16. By the way, the lying test is more for sociopaths. One example of the difference between psychopaths and sociopaths is that a psycho will kill you because the voices said so, and a sociopath will lie to your face and not understand why anyone would think that was wrong.

  2. Oh God...


    Stay away from me, would you?


    1. I have a funny feeling he won't now, just because. XD

    2. And whatever happened to that wise-cracking comments you were throwing around left and right, dear Bobby?

      Chill, I ain't coming after you, yet, might pay a short visit in some time, but currently, I have other friends who I need to work with.

      But Bob, I will never forget you, literally, I wrote down your name on one of my bandages, so I don't forget to visit you.

    3. Wait, he's in California? When did this happen? I seem to be missing something here...