Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Sooooo where do I start?

This pale bitch appeared to me. Didn't say nothing, didn't move an inch, I was just sleeping in my cosy couch, alright not really my couch but that's beside the point.

Anyways, I wake up, see her standing right in front of me, starring right at me with those dark void eyes of hers. I asked Fortissimo to attack, but my darling was confused, well DUH Kelevra you dunce! For some reason this girl does not exist to my darling Fortissimo. I would try and punch her myself, but I remember what happened last time.

So I decide to just lay there, she starred at me for good 30 minutes, I tried to talk to her, my first sentence was "Would you mind moving, your fat ass is blocking my view", no reaction, she continued to stare at me.

I think she was studying me, or something, that bitch.

Anyways, after 30 minutes she just fell apart into dust, seriously, she just fell apart into dust and *poof* she was gone.

Who the fuck is she? I need to find Diana.


  1. You got to sleep on a COUCH??? That's some five-star luxury shit right there. Fucking jammy son of a bitch.

    Maybe she would know how to wake up Incognito?

  2. Why not get the azoth to attack in her general direction? as in, 'destroy everything to my left? Be a stupid idea, given her probable powers, but you've got to die of something, eh?