Friday, May 3, 2013

Patient #7 - 1/2

Had a good couple of days. Burned down a building which was a potential base for those proxies, and tricked a certain someone into eating drugged up Skittles, not going to point fingers here. Also, I didn't drag you away anywhere, in fact, I don't know where you are, somebody else did, let that be a lessons to you, stop being so naive. Anyways, I think I know where the proxies are moving, so yeah, going to move in shortly. But first...

Lets open up one of our cells, and see what we can dig up.


Name: ???

Username: JP/Veigar.

Nickname: 1/2

Analysis: The Middle Men, he stands a ground between being a proxy and a....a human, I guess. He is split into two different people, JP and Veigar, I avoid the sentences "personality disorder" since this is not the case, it's more like a human being is 2 human beings, with personality disorder one side of a persons mind shuts down and the other turns on, when the other half wakes up, it has no recollection of what their half did. JP/Veigar seem to be awake and aware of what they both do, twas the reason why I saw two human beings, look at it this way, two people in a car, they each take turns to drive, Person #1 drives carefully following all of the rules, Person #2 drives like a maniac endangering people on the sidewalk, they both inhabit the same car and both of them see what the other person does. JP is Person #1 and Veigar is Person #2, but the main thing with those two is, that both of them are being nice towards everyone, proxy, runner, doesn't matter. And by "Nice" I mean both of them give tips to runners, and both of them appreciate and laugh along with the horrible things proxies do. Hence the reason they are The Middle Man, they like that position, dare I even say, both of them are like ghosts, spectators.

Weaknesses: Being the said Middle Men, being in the middle is safe most of the time, but at the same time that position doesn't give you too many options.

Strength: Two People in One Body, the knowledge heightens, the fighting styles change, the way of thinking changes, practically unpredictable.

Survival Chances: Really High.

Diagnosis: Not much to write here, all I have to say here is that they enjoy watching the show, can't say if they would enjoy taking part in the show, don't get me wrong, they did take part a lot of times, but most of the time, it was just both of them spectating.


That's it for today.

- Dr. Kelevra, will go take a piss now.


  1. You should go go piss off instead. Sounds a lot better to me.

  2. it wasnt you who put me here?

    tehn my odds of survival just increased! yaye

    fuck you tho. dRugging me was totaly uncallde for. now when does the thiopsnfbskhjfb stuff wearr off.

  3. Actually, only Veigar is aware with what I do.

    When he takes control the only way I know what he did is what Xander or Lu tells me.

    Although he has been able to take over motor control a few times.

    And he's involved much more than you think.


    1. You have to understand, I had little information to go on for this analysis, so that is how you seem to me.



    1. With a fuckton of skill, patience and hatred for the person you intend to spike. :(

    2. Indeed, I spent precisely 5 hours, injecting every skittles with a needle. Stabbed myself a couple of times, good thing my dear, dear Fortissimo is there for me, she rejected the drug.

      And it is not hatred, on the contrary, it is love, I did that so you could learn from your mistakes. You say you "Understand" everything when people tell you not to trust anyone, yet here we are and you don't "Understand" a gyp.

      So I decided to help you out, help you learn, with real consequences, not some lame comments, anything can be fishy, even Skittles.