Tuesday, May 14, 2013

What The Actual Fuck?!

Aight, so get this, me, trashing trough the group's base. Them running at me with various weapons, my Fortissimo protecting me and at the same time taking them down. It was all entertaining and fun, all of them were yelling out shit like "You will pay for disobeying your orders" and other blah blah blah, they sounded so pompous about it too. It was fun seeing their faces go splat against the concrete wall.

But the real icing on the cake, was me meeting up with Diana, after so many long years. She was sitting behind her desk, drawing something, looks like she didn't lose that hobby of hers, I took my time approaching her, wanted to savor the moment, yummy. She noticed me walking through the door, but it had no effect on her, she wasn't mad, scared or anything, as if I was just another person, that pissed me off a little, but not too much.

I sat down on the table, she was still drawing something, me being the talkative type, I started the conversation:

"Long time no see."


"So you're one of them now?"

At this remark she looked up at me and answered "No"

That confused me, why were they following her orders then? I mean were they so stupid, that they were ready to take orders from anyone these days, while I was thinking on that, she said something

"You know, I actually thought that you really appreciated my work that day"

"But I did, I truly did"

"No you didn't, it was one of your foolish mind games, which I fell for"

"No...well yeah, it was, but I did like your painting"

Silence again, she continued to draw, about 2 minutes of silence and then I said

"How did you make them follow your orders?"

"I knew where you were, they didn't, they wanted information, I gave it to them in exchange for being the leader of this peration"

"Surprised they didn't gut you from behind"

"They were too busy with you"

"I'm flattered" I honestly was.

Another couple of minutes of silence.

"Welp this was fun...but I gotta kill yo-"

I was cut off by her, she asked a question.

"Why do you find this Incognito so interesting?"

"Why do you even car, could it be that you're jealous?"

"I personally don't care, but she..."

I didn't get the message at first, took me a couple of seconds before I realized that there was someone else in the room, out of nowhere, from behind, this pale girl, her white hair, her eyes, black, like an endless void of darkness, out of instinct I tried to attack her. But my darling Fortissimo, she refused to attack, and by refused, I mean that she didn't understand what I was trying to attack, as if this girl was invisible to her senses, though she was real, I and Diana acknowledged her existence.

So I tried to do this with my own hands, I ran at her, but the second I thought I hit her, in reality I hit a wall, on the other side of the room, I was move somehow, in a matter of second I was moved across the room, this girl, now standing next to Diana, as I looked at both of them, Diana started to talk

"She is interested, interested in making you leave him alone, and that is why I am here, she brought me along, she is giving me a second chance"

"A second chance?" I asked.

"To redeem my murders, by killing you"

I couldn't help but laugh, rather poetic isn't it? Redeeming murder, by committing murder, hilarious, right? But as I was laughing, I tried to go for the unexpected attack, this time sending Fortissimo to attack Diana, this time she complied, but this girl, she moved in front of Fortissimo and once again I was moved from the place where I was, in the middle of a forest. I used to Path of Black Leaves, to return to the building, but as I did, there was no one there, they ran off, once I came back, I started writing this.

There's something familiar about that girl, not that I know her, but her description, as if it was given somewhere before. And why is she interested in Incognito, I'm confoozled.


  1. If she's interested in making you leave Incognito alone, that could mean he's still alive. So YAYYY!!!

    I'm wondering, however, if they understood that throwing a tonne of proxies at you doesn't kill you because you're skilled and off your fucking rocker into the rafters of crazy?

    Don't know what to make of that girl. Was she human, or just ghostly?

    1. Never thought of it that way, maybe he is still alive, YAAY!!!

      Nope, I guess they didn't, telling you, a bunch of idiots.

      Seemed like human, except for the pale ass look and lifeless eyes, if she was a ghost, I wouldn't be able to see her, now would I?

      Silly Minxie.

    2. I think ghosts are a steaming pile of bullshit myself! But I meant the adjective. GhostLY. As in, not literally a ghost. I'd say 'silly Kelevra', but actually the English language is pretty silly-ass, especially the difference between "hung" and "hanged".

      So, lifeless eyes? Maybe you got a servant of some sort of Fear on your hands. She sounds like a slippery bitch. How frustrating it is not to be able to hurt someone. Now you know the irritation Incognito feels towards you when you don't feel pain.

    3. Servant of a Fear? I don't know, this is the first time I've encountered someone being able to transport people in a matter of seconds, except for Slendy of course.

      I don't know, I didn't feel an irritation, I was more confused than irritated, and I'm still confused, seems like Incognito has encountered her before, as Knitty noted below.

      What does she want with him...this is getting even more interesting.

    4. Maybe she wants him to kill someone for her? He called himself a weapon. Except he doesn't seem to trust her. His judgment is normally correct, I base this off the fact that when I don't take his advice everything goes to shit for me. It doesn't seem that she has directly swung a knife his way.

    5. Minxie, he doesn't trust anyone, he doesn't trust Vikady, he doesn't trust The Judgment, hell he didn't even trust his former partner, who is currently dead.

      But you are right, she didn't really "attack" him, no, maybe she does want him to kill someone, or maybe it is something else.

    6. OK, can we make a distinction between 'not trust' and 'distrust'? Because there is a difference between how he didn't trust his former partner and how he didn't trust this lady, because with the latter he was going to shoot to kill on sight.

      You could ask Diana, maybe. You can afford to trust her.

  2. Hm... Sounds like the girl mentioned here



    1. Oh shit, that's right, that's where I remember the description from! Thanks, would have taken me weeks to try and remember.

      Now all I gotta do, is try and find out who the fuck she is.

  3. Seems like this will keep you busy for a while. Good, means more dead proxies over there.
    Do proxies sometimes transfer? Just wondering if your slaughter of the British proxies means some Belgian proxies will be sent there.

    Both cases are good, a Proxy free England or a few proxies less here. Its a win-win situation.

    1. Yes, proxies can opt to change branch and contracts are normally distributed among continents anyway, but they do need permission. But the use of the Path means you can get away with raising hell in the UK when you are supposed to be taking out a budding runner army in Kazakhstan... isn't that right, Kelevra?

      A lot of us British proxies took to the United States just to dive in on the struggle against Arkady. Although, some of them decided it's a losing battle and are coming back to help us.

      If any Belgian proxies feel that Belgium is too quiet, they might just hop over the Channel to help.

    2. Holy shit, that assignment is still intact? It's been like 5 years since I got that assignment.

      So you found my case file, thought that thing got lost in crap load of other files, oh well.

    3. Proxies have case files? Where can you get those?

    4. Yeah, that seems like amusingly twisted reading. I wonder if they have one on you, Snowy. Because so far, I don't see you being, well, notable enough for anyone to really care. You're just a little pathetic.

    5. oOo

      A budding runner army you say. If they are still alive that would be awesome. We need to stop being runners and become goddamn fighters.

      Sure we can't beat the eldritch Fears but proxies are easy enough. I need to look into this.

    6. Phil what kind of proxy would you expect them to send after Alexandria? The notable ones get sent after the likes of Arkady. I got assigned Slagheap. Of course I have no file. Happy to keep it that way too, I don't need you shitheads nosing around. I'm rather comfortable.

    7. I reckon I can figure out your weakness without access to your file. Blood loss. Now, what were you feeling smug about again? Being so irrelevant that no-one actually cares enough to find a clever way to kill you off? It's because that'd be a waste of time and effort. The method for killing a mook like you is stabbing. Simples.

    8. I stabbed his eye out with a belt pin already but it didn't kill him. Then again I'm not a very skilled survivor.

    9. That's the job half done there then! The next time will be easier (as he has no depth perception and half the magi-sight as before), and then the next next time will just be cruel. Killing a useless blind man. Hardly worth the effort, long as he doesn't act out.

    10. Ya Know those files? Yeah.

      I make a lot of those.


    11. Hey Veigar, where can we get those files?

    12. I don't understand your boners over them, they don't list weaknesses, they just list your number, name, life before becoming a proxy, current assignments, completed assignments, failed assignments and so on...

      Since I already told you my life story, I don't see the point behind getting those files, well unless you wanna see my burnt face, they didn't allow me to keep the bandages on, when they were taking photos.

      So yeah, go wild looking for those, I just don't see the importance.

    13. I won't go looking for em if you think it's such an awful idea. I don't wanna see your burnt ass face, your bandaged face is terrifying enough if your avatar is anything to go by. The only thing you have to fall back on is an adorable accent. Seriously, where'd you get that?