Tuesday, May 21, 2013

I'm such a Good Guest!

So yesterday I payed a visit to our dear friend Snowblind, the details of that meeting you can read up over here.

So yes, we had a little tussle with Snowblind, he was actually able to hit me in the leg, but tis wasn't too serious, I could have killed him there and then, I had a lot of reasons to do so,  one of those reasons was that I enjoy proving pompous people wrong, he knew he was going to die, but not before Minxie dies. But I need him alive, you see he is now the target of Minxie's anger, sadly she is not angry enough, I need her to develop more rage and every breath Snowy takes, that rage grows.

Then I took Minxie and used the path to get out while Snow was laying on his back. The kid didn't seem to like the joy ride we had, she was shaking all over the place, her eyes were open, but she acted as though she couldn't see anything, she was covering her ears as thought she couldn't hear anything, that's The Path for ya. I would have been laughing so hard if we actually bumped into Incognito along the way, but alas. One of the freaks in the path actually approached use while I was carrying Minxie, either he was hungry, or he saw her potential, didn't matter, cause I killed the little freak once he got close.

And then we re-entered the real world, I waited for her to wake up and then we had a nice little chat. As always she asked a lot of questions, which I were happy to answer, but then, this one sentence, the last sentence, that if Incognito doesn't come back, that she will take up the mantle of killing me, I am positively sure, I can turn her into an interesting game piece.

You see Minxie, what I saw in you, is not because you killed someone, no, a fucking donkey can kill someone, you don't see me running around after donkey's. It's the feeling you had after you killed that person, what was that feeling? Exactly, complete and utter nothing, no mental break down, no feeling of guilt, only the surprise, shock, and not the kind of shock where you were afraid, no, the kind of shock where you were like "Did I actually do it? Seriously? I actually managed to do it? Me a little girl? Wow" that kind of shock.

How can a feeling give so much interest and meaning in someone? Well it's a special theory I have, but it isn't ready to go out in public yet, it is my little secret.

On a side note: Snowblind, when you wake up, know that I enjoyed tossing you around, thanks for the entertainment.

TTFN, Ta Ta For Now.


  1. "you don't see me running around after donkey's"

    What if they're republicans?


  2. The only problem with this for me is you saying you don't want snowblind to die before Sanna does. Everyone has a boiling point and everyone aso has an exploding point At a certain time Sanna will get so angry that she can't get any angrier.

    Once she's at that point why would you care if snowy lives? I just hope you won't save his sorry ass when she tries to kill him. Besides killing snowy won't make her less angry.

    1. Only when she's at the boiling point, only when I see that her rage is practically making her face turn red and a bunch of steam is coming out of her ears, only then will I stop interfering and let her kill him.

  3. No, if we had encountered Incognito on the Path I like to think I would have made you take him back with us... except I was drifting in and out of consciousness and I can't make you do shit.

    You're still a fucking prick for not letting me kill him. It would have been SIMPLE, for fuck's sake there was a gun RIGHT THERE, I dunno how to use them but common sense says that I could've SHOT HIM in his BASTARD FACE. So fuck you.

    That said... it was great seeing Snowblind get his ass rolled up and handed to him, and it's nice to be alive so I can finish him off.

    So thank you.

    1. Ah but that's the beauty of it, it would be simple, and as we all know, simple is an Egoists way out, no, no, no, we are professionals, we are taking hard ways to achieve our goals, and those hard ways will make us bleed, sweat and make us breath hatred, that's the gist of life itself right there for ya, not taking the easy way out.

    2. Are you calling me a professional?

      I'm almost flattered.

    3. Yeah sarcasm doesn't go through comments very well, should have thought of that.

      But the main point remains, you want an easy way out, I'm not giving it to you.

    4. I don't want an easy way out, an easy way out would be suicide, but I want to live.

      What I want is to kill Snowblind, and I could've done it then and there, and you didn't let me.

    5. Because it would be fairly easy to put a bullet through his head while he was knocked out, you don't see Incognito having it that easy with me, no easy way of disposing your problems for him, and no easy ways of disposing your problems, for you.

    6. Fine. Have it your fucking merry way, not that you wouldn't anyway.

      Also next time be fucking careful when you take my through the path, I don't want to step out there and find I've aged a hundred years. Or even ten years. I'm not fucking ready to be twenty six.

    7. People tend to exaggerate on the age changing thing.

    8. They under-exaggerate the mindfuckery thing.