Sunday, April 28, 2013

Patient #5 - Little Birdie.

You know what I found out? A proxy group is after me, I'm laughing my ass off. Alright let me explain.

So I get a mission, from an anonymous proxy, apparently from master, in this situation I would simply ignore it and just continue to stalk Incognito, but seeing as Incognito is on a very long road to Germany right now, not much I can do, so I accepted it to pass the time. Apparently there was this hot shot millionaire who was funding a safe house for Runners, I had to take him out. The target was said to be staying at a warehouse, said to have a lot of hired muscle guarding him, I was not allowed to be seen by the muscle. In any case I would simply walk over there and kill everyone, but I decided to go along with the rules this time, making it a lot more fun for me, little did I know, that it was a set up.

Me crawling through the vents, into the warehouse and suddenly the said vents start to fire up and eventually explode with me inside, the vents were rigged. Good thing Fortissimo acted in time and covered me up, the explosion hurt her, but not by a lot, I loved the expression of the boys face when I fell out of the vents safe and sound. He held a detonator in his hand, so that was our guy.

"Wh-What the hell are you?"

"The Boogey Man" I replied with a smile on my face.

Looking around, the warehouse was empty, there was only this kid, can't say how much he was, the hood covered up his face pretty nicely. But I didn't give a shit, my Fortissimo lashed out at him, wrapping around his foot and tossing him into a wall. I could hear a couple of bones snapping, my Fortissimo surrounded my hand, forming a sharp, solid end, I was about to pierce the kid, but to my surprise he dodged it and started running away, this kid was athletic.

"Jack be Nimble" I start running after the poor sap. He starts going up the stairs, onto the second floor of the warehouse, me following him.

"Jack be Quick" I admired his speed, he was quite fast.

"Jack jump over The Candle Stick" he ran for a good bit and then jumped out the window of the warehouse, leading outside.

 "Jack Jump High" I jump out after him and realize that it is quite a big fall.

"Jack Jump Low" He landed into a trash bin, he had an escape plan, how cute.

"Jack Jumped over And Burnt his Toe" What he didn't realize is that I would be foolish enough to jump after him, as soon as I landed in the same trash bin, my Fortissimo lashed out again and grabbed him by his arm, pulling him towards me.

He broke away from my Fortissimo, but it was too late, I was already running at him and delivering a swift punch to his face, making him fall down. I needed information, so my Fortissimo, darling, she picked him up by two of his arms and lifted him in the air, on the level of my face.

"Who are you?"

"Fuck you"

I didn't like that answer, so I kindly proceeded to pierce his stomach slowly with my dear Fortissimo, he was feeling it, getting deeper into his stomach and eventually.

"Alright please Stop! I am working with a Proxy group, we agreed to form a team to take you down!"

"Masters orders?"

"No! The Master does not know of what we are doing! We did it only because you were disrespecting Master and his orders!"

"Oh really? My, my aren't you a loyal puppy and where would your group be located by any chance?"

My Fortissimo pressed further, she was reaching the spine, that delicious sound.

By that point he gave me the exact location of their base of operations, so that is what I am doing for now, until Incognito reaches his destination that is. I believe I don't have to explain what happened to the boy. So I'm off to England!


Now onto our Patients.

Patient #5:

Name: ???

Username: Alicia Owly.

Nickname: Little Birdie.

Analysis: In the beginning wasn't sure of herself, had to depend on others, once everyone close to her had died, she fell into a vat of loneliness, attracting the attention of the Cold Brat. Incognito came to the rescue, kept her company, but eventually they got separated. Fast forward a little bit, she grew up, learned some combat skills and how to use a gun, she's a kid, but unlike Sanna she has experience, yet to this very day, she continues to hide her fear of being alone once again, secretly she is very happy that she has Shine as Company. If she didn't feel lonely, she wouldn't jump into bed with Cecilia that fast, just like with her best friend who is brain dead now.

Main Weaknesses: A kid, most of the time relies on the help of others to survive (EAT helping her out is a prime example).

Main Strength: Experienced, young, has a shard inside of her that can heal her wounds, knows who her enemies are.

Survival Chances: Once Shine gets removed and EAT stops helping her, she has a big chance of dying.

Side Note: Is a lesbian.


And with that, I'm off to England, time to cause some damage.

- Dr. Kelevra remember, eat your vitamins.




    1. In hindsight, the way I put that was rash.

      You are welcome here in England, but if you pay me a visit, don't bring any knives you intend to use. I'd offer to let you stay with me, but I only have one life and one pack of biscuits left. So yeah.

    2. Oh don't you worry, I'll make sure to drop by once I'm done with these clowns.

    3. Whatever you do, don't kill me. For what it's worth I like being alive.

  2. If you're going to England, at least wear a top hat and tails. Otherwise you'll just look stupid.

    1. Not to forget to constantly drink and eat, tea and crumpets.

    2. Fucking hate crumpets... they taste like CACK.

      But tea! Tea FTW!

      And muffins. Chocolate ones. Yum.

  3. This may sound selfish, but...


    1. But my dear Steven, don't you want to see your dearest friend, Kelevra?

    2. lucky you,, Rose. I'm sttarting to tremble over here. but hopefully if he shows up i'll learn something useful fromm him. i wouldlike to know what azoth looks like.

  4. Hey Kelevera, I've lost all of today (no memory of the last 16 hours) and now there's a dead body. No hands, face shredded and a nice hat. Anything to do with you?

    1. I'm not sure if I'm relieved or even more afraid. Don't get me wrong, you're one scary guy, but the alternative doesn't really bear thinking about.

    2. Unless the body, was a 27 year old male, had a hole in his forehead and his skull wasn't filled with jizz.

      Then no, I didn't drop that body off.

      My dear pHIL, stop it, I'm blushing.

  5. Well that was spot on. At least it would have been if you had all the information on her. Which you don't, Alicia likes hiding stuff! And so does EAT. Which means I'm the only one who knows all the details. Its fun really. :D

    Alicia is her real name by the way, its just the Owly part thats false.


    1. Everyone likes hiding stuff, you, me, Sanna, pHIL, Incognito and so on...

      I was Analysing her only from her posts, since that is the only thing I know about her, I mean I could easily go to one of our buildings and dig up some files on ALicia, but that wouldn't be fun.

    2. I can give you one thing that'll be in those files.

      My proxy kill count: 16.

      I'm sure that's not impressive by your fucked up standards but keep in mind, I've only been at this since december.

      I wonder if kiling you would give me some sort of bonus score? <x3

    3. Worth a try, I say. After all, bonus points are nothing to be sniffed at; Points mean Prizes!

    4. We can all dream, can't we?

    5. Welp If I ever see your ugly face around these parts I'll do us all a favor and blow it off then.

      Headshots count double right? <3

    6. I wish I was that badass.

      Tell ya what, Kelevra: what do you think would increase everyone's chances of survival? Per individual, that is.

    7. Why, overcome your personal demons of course! And by that I mean weaknesses.

    8. But you listed curiosity as a strength and then a weakness! How am I supposed to deal with these mixed messages?

    9. You can be curious, but being too curious is bad for health.

      Let me give you an example: I know a connection to your father, you want to investigate it further, yet it does not depend on your survival, in the end, you are getting distracted and that curiosity is eating you up at night, that is a weakness.

      But at the same time Curiosity drives people to do enormous feats, not to mention, sometimes their curiosity brings them very good results.

      It is up to you to decide if it is a weakness for you, or a strength. Because naturally, it is both.

    10. Hmm. I guess. Where is that proxy base you were on about? I kind of want it to be Dorset. I would love to see a Dorset proxy.

    11. Posting about it right now.

  6. I refuse to eat my vitamins unless there the flinstone gummy ones.....just sayin