Saturday, April 27, 2013

Patient #2 - A Bitchy Bitch.

Still re-posting.

Patient #2:

Name: Annalee.

Username: Miss Annalee.

Nickname: A Bitchy Bitch.

Analysis:  Reminds me a loooot of Incognito, both of them are monsters, I actually have some respect for her, because unlike a lot of you runners, fighters and survivors out there, she knows where she stands. So I don't take offense when she insults me and judges me, because she has judged herself a very long time ago.

Main Weaknesses: Cocky, real cocky, also naive and old...and ugly, and wrinkly...yeah.

Main Strength: Knows where she stands, not afraid to bend her rules, has training, experienced.

Survival Chances: A good chance of a good, long run, if only she would stop over estimating her enemies and ditch that kid, the chances would go OH SO VERY HIGH.

Diagnosis: She is a cockroach, no matter how hard you stomp, she will resurface. But at some point in time, someone will buy an anti cockroach spray.

Now for Patient #3.


  1. should be a dash between 'anti' and 'cockroach'. Is it too much to ask for mass murdering rapists to have a little class? I mean, Jack the Ripper managed it (even if it wasn't rape until he didn't pay).

    1. And not a single fuck was given that day.

      Too busy to correct my grammatical errors, trying to post these in a hurry.

    2. Well it's nice to see that even when you're in a hurry you resist the urge to go CTRL-C + CTRL-V. Really Kelevtov, sometimes I just think you're a bit [i]too[/i] nice. How the fuck are the rest of us meant to keep up without the entire thing becoming a national brother week parade?

    3. I don't get the point of [/i].

      Concerning being nice, ever thought that one of the greatest weapons against your fellow men (HAHAHAHA!) is being nice?

      Mind games, mind games, MIND GAMES! WOOHOOO!

    4. [i] is because BBcode don't work on blogger but I still wanna make it italic. or italicer, since everything is already italic. And niceness isn't the greatest weapon. Blood loss is. As long as they're the ones losing blood.

    5. Oh my friend, you don't even know, what great of a weapon it could be.

  2. I'm not even 30 yet you fucker. And you know what? THIS IS NOT PSYCHOLOGY. I do fucking psychology. This is you stating your damn opinions about people you know like a bitchy teenager would in her damn diary.

    This is the equivalent of the celebrity gossip section of a magazine.

    You are a disgrace to people who work hard to do things.

    1. Well, didn't I steer up some jimmies.

      What do you think psychologists do to their patients? They state their opinions, until the patient is convinced of that opinion and starts following it.

      That is why psychology is an assumption, psychologists don't know anything about the patient when they first see him, they get the information out of the questions, once they find something interesting in that information, they stick to it making the assumption that if they press on this bit of information, then they will convince the patient of their opinion.

      Simple, also you kept saying how scary you are, so I just assumed you were...ya know, ugly.

    2. Ugly does not equate old you piece of shit.

      And no that not is not what Psychology is. It is the study of the human mind. What you are studying is people's brains on a biological level as well as a analyzing their behaviors and functions. It is a science that goes far beyond sitting at your goddamn piece of shit computer and predicting how long a person has to live. What does how long I have to live and the fact I'm ugly have to do with my self actualization needs, or how my inner conflicts and desires. You aren't talking about my reaction or my perception, you're just making a petty hit file.

      And no. Psychology is not based on assumption! What a load of shit. It's based on hours of observations and interviewing and testing and surgeries and helping people talk through the problems they have. You don't even have the fucking sofa needed to be considered a goddamn piece of shit neo-freudian.

      You're calling this a psychoanalysis because you thought the name sounded cool, and now you're back tracking because you have a fundamental need to always be on top, which suggests you deal with an inferiority complex and couldn't stand to be outwitted despite the fact the more you talk the more of an idiot you make yourself out to be. Your blase upbeat attitude is just a front to scare people and make them think your a stone cold psychopath when really you're just a dumb little puppet on strings making all the little steps Daddy tells you to, because guess what, Proxies, no matter what they tell themselves, never have free will. You're afraid you may just be that puppet and that you're going to be used like a dirty handkerchief by a fucking tentacle monster and so you overcompensate to show how much fun being a proxy is and how not under anyones control you are and trying to justify that to yourself without realizing that, that again is what It wants you to do. The minute I finish writing this you're going to say something along the lines of, "Wrong again, tee hee you ugly bitch," despite the fact I am right and you know it.

      And that, is what a goddamn psychoanalysis is supposed to look like you son of a bitch. And that's not some fucking assumption, it's a goddamn hypothesis based on previous observations, and it all has to do with who the fuck you are in that barren messed up pile of Cauliflower you deign to call a brain. No go eat your own shit.

    3. Team Annalee!

      Psychology is an actual science Kelevra. Just so ya know. Let me give you some an example. You'll love it.

      A basic psychology experiment used to be one where a rat was put in a cage with a floor that gave them a painful electric shock every ten seconds. There was a button in said cage that, if pressed, they will not get electrocuted. Gradually, the rat learns that if it presses the button, it can avoid the electric shock. Then they let a cat into the cage, and the rat runs away, as expected.

      Then they repeat the experiment with another rat, teaching it to press the button and so on. But after a while, they set it so the rat gets electric shocks regardless of whether they press the button or not. When the rat works out that there is literally nothing it can do to stop the shocks, it just stops and lies there, giving up. Then they let the cat in. This time, the rat won't run away, the cat noms it.

      Why? Cuz you taught the rat it has no control. If you have no control -- why bother? Nothing left to do but lay down and wait for an end.

      Let's say you're trying to torture a guy for information; I'm sure you've done that before. You have a tasty cake, and a blowtorch. He has either given you some useful information, or tried to escape. In which scenario do you give him the cake, or the blowtorch?

      The answer is: it shouldn't matter. Eenie meenie miney moe. Military torturers teach the victim that they have no control over whether they get punished or rewarded. As a result, they tell you everything, they feel hopeless, and then they won't even fight back when you kill them, because you taught them they had no control.

      So yah, psychology IS a science. You can demonstrate it, duplicate it, manipulate it, it's a science.

  3. Anti cockroach spray? That's not even witty you piece of shit.