Saturday, April 27, 2013

Patient #3 - Danny Boy.

Re-posting, re-posting...

Patient #3:

Name: Daniel.

Username: Daniel Cypress.

Nickname: Danny Boy.

Analysis: Oh so really close to cracking, obviously some shit happened to him in life, too pansy to get over it. Egoist, a very gigantic egoist, would rather lie down and die, but as we all know lying down ain't where it ends. Of no significant importance, but Master sees something in him. Has a problem of facing the truth, boohoo.

Main Weaknesses: Almost no training, egotistic, happy go lucky attitude, weak biological system.

Main Strength: Computer nerd, young, doesn't give a single fuck (But I think his pretending).

Survival Chances: Depends if Master decides to take him under his wing. Otherwise, once Mrs. Bitch disappears, a lot of chances to die. She says, she is training him up, but what if you die before you finish his training, yup.

Side Note: Has Asthma.

Onto Patient #4.


  1. You know what? Fuck you sideways with a six-inch-thick livewire.

    1. Hey! I'm not the only one who is fixated on "Fucking" things.