Saturday, April 27, 2013

Patient #1 - The Curious Minx.

I see Incognito had found my little present...well the word "little" is far from being the truth. That fat bitch, I think her name was...Jolanta? I don't remember, she was just working at the local flower shop, I came in to buy me a rose and she said that they were all out of roses, while in reality, I could smell them, she was lying, I don't like when people do that, its impolite. So my darling Fortissimo, strangled her, I dragged her to Incogny's Van and fucked the ever lasting crap out of her corpse, that was so joyous. Then through the window I saw Incogny, Judgment and Vikady coming back, so I bailed out. Forgot to take Jolanta with me...oh well.

Now onto our first Patient, the first four patients have already been analyzed on a different blog, I am simply re-posting it here.

Patient #1:


Username: Sanna (Short for Alexandria).

Nickname: Curious Little Minx.

Analysis: Not much interests me about her, but then again, she is just a kid, so no enormous expectations are to be had. What does keep me coming back to her blog, is her curiosity, she enjoys asking questions, and I enjoy giving answers, simple like that. If it weren't for the whole "my Master wants to Kill you" problem, she would probably follow a career path of a journalist.

Main Weaknesses: Naive, follows any lead given, has no plan, inexperienced, just a kid, does not know where she stand, curious.

Main Strength: Real crafty, knows how to use her surroundings, young, curious, has no dignity.

Survival Chances: Pretty low, considering the fact that she's a kid and all, not to mention refusing to kill, yeah.

Diagnosis: A follower, does not know how to break her moral rules that she had set up for herself, in result does not know where she stands. Because of that, all the weaknesses appear.

Side note: Loves Skittles, can be used to piss her off.

I'm going to enjoy doing these.

- Dr. Kelevra P.H.D. in Skull Fucking.


  1. How fascinatingly accurate.

    Honestly I've found naivete to benefit me so far. Snowblind has no way of knowing whether I'm telling the truth or not.

    I have my moral barriers, although people like you are beginning to lean on them a bit too hard for them to keep up. But hey, aren't moral things fun to corrupt.

    1. For some it is, not for me, I don't care about breaking moral values, I just go for the target and then fuck it.

      What makes you think Snowblind gives a damn about them? What if he doesn't? If he doesn't then that means he can simply kill you without wasting his time and you can not, because you have those moral barriers.

      Boo Hoo.

    2. Do I look like I give a shit about what happens to Snowblind?

      If need be, he'll get the same fate as his car. It's gonna be hell for me, but I would very much like to live.

    3. No, you don't give a shit. But the problem is, your acting right now.

      But would you really be bale to kill him? Let alone burn him alive? Picture it, the yelling, the pain, the pleading of him to stop this torture, his eyes slowly turning into a blank expression of nothingness.

      The feeling of robbing someone of their life.

      You really think you would be able to do that? Cause I think, at the last second, you'd pansy out and that is the problem with you, my dear little Minx.

    4. Perhaps you're correct. But consider this. There was a time when I staunchly believed in no killing, whatsoever, be it government-sanctioned or personal, human or animal. And that belief is slowly dissolving.

    5. It is only a belief, not an actual choice.

      Although I love when a soul gets corrupted, inner destruction is so delicious.

    6. What is there to corrupt of my "soul"?

      Also, how did you know I was uncertain of where I stood? It is very accurate, but how did you figure that one out?

    7. Ah, its a theory I use, came up with it myself, not telling it though, at least, not until now.

    8. As an extra question... Why were you buying a rose?

      Like I get buying a bouquet for your wife or something, but just the one?

    9. I was getting bored in the Van, so in order to pass the time, I wanted to buy a rose and watch it slowly decay.

      Sadly, that fat bitch, didn't allow me that pleasure.

    10. What you did to her was fucking gross, way worse than I imagined. Please don't do that shit to me.

    11. You do realize that he will take that as a challenge, don't you?

    12. In that case, of course you can shaft my dead body!

      No, that doesn't sound right either...

      Meh, fuck it. Forget I mentioned it.


      Curse you, pitfalls of the English Language!!!!!!!

  2. Dammit Shine. Why did you make me follow this blog..-.-

    1. Because I want to see his post about you! It'll be fun! ~Shine