Saturday, April 27, 2013

Patient #4 - Frankenstein.

Final re-post, whooo!

Patient #4:

Name: ???

Username: Med.

Nickname: Frankenstein.

Analysis: A scientist, a curious scientist, her curiosity, can be her strength but at the same time her downfall. Overlooks small details, rarely thinks of a back up plan for her back up plan. Deep personal trauma (So Cliche) obviously is present, that trauma makes her so curious and...sciency? So I'm coming up with words now, why not. Any significant danger? None at all. Has shown the cases of mental break down and disorder like, getting drunk for no reason and the new case of symbolic dreams. Is afraid of death, although does not show it.

Main Weaknesses: Overlooks Small Details, Rarely thinks of a back up plan, curiosity.

Main Strength: Desire for science, Has the ability to concentrate on the bigger picture, curiosity, originality.

Survival Chances: The risks are jumpy with this one, they are either high, or low. Obviously the girl mostly runs on luck, for example her latest experiment almost killed her, why? No back up plan, in case the experiment went Bow Chicka Wow Wow (NOW ITS A MEDICAL TERM! DIG IT!).

Side Note: Can not hold her alcohol.

DONE! Whooo! Tomorrow Patient #5, something new on the menu!

- Dr. Kelevra. The most handsome psychologist in the world.


  1. I for one think Med, Annalee and Daniel are awesome in their own ways. They don't have to be just like you to survive, you know.

    This makes me wonder if I can hold my alcohol, I've never had any. What makes it so striking?

    (Damn, just realised I'm gonna die a virgin who never tried alcohol, never watched My Little Pony, never read Harry Potter and never been to Menorca. Wonder what the big fucking deal is with all that.)

    1. I'm not saying who has to be like who to survive, I'm pointing out weaknesses and strengths. Survival Chances are simple assumptions that I like to make. As a matter of fact, psychology is one big assumption.

      Depends on what you drink, drink Vodka...yeah you'll die. Drink Cider, you will be able to hold it.

      I can take care of "The Virgin" problem. Why would you want to watch a kids show? Boring ass book, Sherlock Holmes for the win.

    2. A polite 'NO' to all those offers, with the exception of Sherlock Holmes.

    3. Harry Potter is meh, alcohol is overrated (but easy to get hold of), and losing your virginity is a really fucking bad idea given the circumstances. And Kelevtov, psychology isn't one big assumption. At least, the way you do it it's /several/ big assumptions.

    4. I wasn't saying I was interested in doing any of those things, just wondered what the big deal was with them all.

      Oh, and Kelevra plenty of grownups watch MLP, and you can't take care of the virgin "problem" because if you whip out your dick anywhere near me then I'll shotgun it until it's confetti.

    5. I get the horrible feeling he's into that kind of thing...

    6. Oops. :( NONONONO. NO NO NO. Non non non, nein nein nein, нет нет нет. NO WAY.

      I couldn't write or say NO enough times in enough languages. Getting my corpse fucked actually looks bearable in comparison, and that is saying something.

    7. *Sorry, that last round of 'nos' shoulda been in Russian, was Cyrillic script but the italic setting fucked it up.

    8. believe me, it's worse to imagine if you're a guy... yeesh.

  2. Look on the bright side you could always die a virgin who never tried alcohol, never read Harry Potter, never been to Menorca, but DID watch My Little Pony.