Friday, January 3, 2014

Diana Escaped.

That biotch is slippery, I'll tell you that much.

You know what happened? The building was empty, which confused me, because I swear I saw crap load of people in that building walking around, as soon as I get into the building, they are gone, nobody there. Well, except an old friend.

"I've been dreaming of doing this since the day you hired me."

It was good ol' Koschey, remember him? One of the Rejects? He was the one with a Dead Man Shard inside of him, he could also replace all of his body parts, with other body parts. Yeah, that weirdo. Didn't take me long to figure out why he was there, in fact, I admire Diana, that was a smart move on her part. See, Koschey is a freelancer, he is a gun for hire in this game and I guess, once he left our group, she decided to hire him. Speaking of guns, he was packing quite the arsenal.

"Koschey! Dearie, whored yourself out already?"

"This is why I dislike you, you're annoying."

"Don't blame me for having no sense of humor, say you wouldn't know where Diana is, would you?"

"I'm not stupid Kelevra, I never give up my clients."

"I don't know about the stupid part, I mean you ARE aiming a gun at me."

"Not aiming it at you, aiming it at the ground full of gasoline."

So he shoots the ground, which makes a spark and ignites the ground around me, granted, I did burn my feet, but my darling was quick, she wrapped around my legs and protected my feet, she was canceling the fire out once it came into contact with her. But the bastard was expecting just that. That's why people hire him, he's a pro, he studies his targets. He knew full well, that while my darling was busy wrapping around my legs, she couldn't protect me on a higher level, so he tried shooting me, I'm not stupid as well, I got the fuck out of dodge, covering behind the crates that warehouse had.

"That is your problem Kelevra, you underestimate people!"

That's when he lobbed a grenade in the crates where I was hiding, I could have thrown it back, but I'm not stupid, there could have been not enough time, so I had to abandon my cover and run out from behind the boxes. The explosion caused a wave, making me start falling. As I was in the open, he was preparing to take his shot, but my darling, she extended from my legs and knocked the gun out of his hands. She quickly starts stretching back towards me. As she's doing that, Koschey gets out his hand gun and aims it at me, I move, he shoots and hits me in the shoulder. My darling forms around me and my shoulder. But by that time he gets in a very close vicinity of me and aims the gun right at my face. He knows it, my darling won't be fast enough to block it, he is too close.

"I wanted to do this for a long time."

He made one mistake, as he is about to pull the trigger, my darling rips through the bandages from my right eye hole, becomes solid and blocks the gun, so when the bullet gets stuck inside the gun, it explodes in Koschey's hand. That gives me enough time to form a sharp end around my arm and cut his right arm off. He knows there is no point in fighting me, so the motherfuck pulls out a grenade with his left hand, unpins it and holds it as close to me as possible.

But I know his smart, so the instant he unpinned it, I grabbed it away from him and showed it into his left arm socket. Then got the fuck out of dodge. The asshole exploded so hard, there was nothing left of him, well except his head. I know he's still alive too, but he tries to pretend that he's dead.

"I know you're alive you know. I also know how to kill you, permanently."

That's when I made my darling go inside of his head, The Dead Man shard was inside his brain, but once my darling got to it, she murdered that Dead Man Shard, by draining it of its life.

Now, Koschey's head is hanging from my trophy cabinet, you reading this Diana? I'm not done with you yet.


  1. Well... shit. Best of luck killing Diana. Not that you need it per se.

    But what are you gonna do if that pale lady interferes?

    1. Oh, and you said he was carrying a lot of guns. Can I have a rundown of the haul...? Please?

  2. Who wants to bet that Dimok is waiting in thw wings? It'd add an amusing symmetry to the entire affair.

    1. If he comes back I will be like YAY!

      Also, if someone names their kid Dimok, they're practically setting him up to become a Crimson Knight. Or a chain smoker.