Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Words before New Year.

Dear friends,

Citizens of the world, I, congratulate you, with an upcoming New Year.

There, did I forget anything?....

Oh...yeah, the message itself.

The passing Year has been big and rich with developments, there was everything in it: happiness and tragedy, realizations and losses. Everybody did their own thing: somebody gave something away and somebody received, somebody lost a loved one and somebody found one, somebody died and somebody got richer, some took lives, others saved them. Only because of those small and contradictory actions this world and the game exist, your and mine home. The beating of the world's and ultimately the game's heart is maintained by every single one of our actions and I know that in the future we will survive all trials, to get our title, for a special spot in history.

As a matter of principle, all of us are already working actively on it, but some even overdo it. All of you, yell so much, that you completely stopped thinking with your heads. I say "Kill" and in my performance all you see is murder. I mention "Freedom" and everyone thinks I'm trying to manipulate. I say "Assume" and everyone thinks that I have come to a conclusion.

Are you completely stupid? Are you completely stupid?...Are you completely stupid?

But The World understands me, because she hears me and knows, and the powers that be have made it clear exactly where I NEED to stand.

So my friends, have you yelled enough yet?

I don't know if I will remain for a very long time during the next year, or even if I'll see all of you again.

But I want to address all of you, from the deepest depths of my heart, and I want everybody not to simply "think", but honestly make a choice, are you ready, to go deeper with me?

Happy upcoming, 2014th, new year!



  1. Sure I'm ready to go deeper with you. (Well, that sounded wrong. Whatever, it's the New Year, besides, if I were a few years older and you didn't have Fortissimo, I'd have totes asked you out, to piss off my dad.)

    Anyway, I have seven New Years Resolutions:

    1) To figure out who my enemies are, and deal with them accordingly.

    2) To figure out who I am. I will be seventeen soon, let's call 2014 the dawn of my selfhood and hope it goes as smoothly as possible.

    3) To help my friends. I lost a lot of loved ones and I dunno if I gained any, so it's better to hold onto what I have got for now.

    4) To not swear as much. I can see this one not going well, so I'll just alter it and say, I won't swear in English.

    5) Learn how to drive. Under pressure.

    6) Learn Russian, since I wish I knew how to say something in Russian to Artsyom other than 'сука блядь', it seems like he's desensitised to it now.

    7) Fire an anti materiel rifle for the novelty of saying "Bitches love cannons!" and also the novelty of shit blowing up and stuff.

    1. It wouldn't have pissed me off; that's not a strong enough term for it.

      I can get you an anti materiel rifle and teach you stuff if it will patch things up.

    2. I face palmed so hard right now.

    3. You think I would actually give her one of those big ass guns? The recoil on those motherfuckers would send her flying across Moskva.

    4. Artsyom, this makes me wonder how many other times you have shamelessly lied to me.

  2. kelevra, the rabbit hole's been dug too far with me and veigar to not keep going.

    my resolution: don't die yet


  3. Care to expain the whole 'I'm killing, not murdering' part of that speech?

    As for my new years resolution, I don't have one. I will continue to have no idea what I'm doing, then do it anyway.

    1. Not what I said dear Philly.

    2. Then what did you mean by "I say kill and in my performance all you see is murder'?

    3. Exactly what I meant, whenever I mention the word "Kill" everyone always assumes that I murdered someone, which is sad, there is no artistic thinking.

    4. Sorry, but I'm a wee bit slow. Given your track record of paving most streets you cross with corpses, is it so unreasonable to assume you kill a lot of people? And that when you say 'kill' you've either killed someone or plan to kill someone?

    5. They don't assume that because they don't think creatively. Everybody thinks creatively, more than so called "artistic" people give them credit for.

      It's just that in English, 'kill' is very commonly used synonymously with 'murder'. It's that simple.

  4. Happy fucking New Year.

    I hope you are feeling lucky that you will be out of the picture soon. God knows I am - saves me the trouble of taking you out myself.

    I have my goals and I look forward to achieving them.

    Here's to many more happy years.

    1. Something tells me you won't live for a long time yourself, since I have the feeling that your own "Daughter" is going to blow your brains out.

      Tell me, how does it feel, to fail in life as a father whole TWO times?

    2. Oh really? You think so little of her? You believe she would kill me? Let me assure you, there are far more dangerous people out there gunning for me.

      For as long as she is alive, I haven't failed as a father to her. Besides, point me to someone who succeeded. Her stepfather? I think not.

    3. Point her to someone who succeeded? Nobody. She grew on her own, of course occasionally I, Incogny, Skywalker, Philly and many others would try to teach her, point her in the right direction, overall try to help in their own way. Point being, people like me, Incogny and Philly, we are much closer to her, than you will ever be, the so called "Father" hilarious.

      And I know, that is eating you up!

    4. It is NOT eating me up and I will tell you why.

      You believe that Morningstar helped her? Christ, and when I'm doing what I'm doing, I'm apparently harming her? Double standards, man.

      OK, Phil helped her, I'll give him that, but he was a proxy at one point and so were you, and I don't trust proxies.

      You, well I've already told you how much I don't like you, I hope you and Incognito destroy each other with so much fire even the fucking ashes will burn up.

      As for Incognito himself, DON'T even fucking GO there, hell, I have no fucking idea what makes Sanna so DEFENSIVE of him, when he doesn't give a SHIT about her.

    5. Maybe it's the fact that he helped her, while all you've done is fuck things up even more?
      And really, you don't trust proxies? You seem pretty trusting to me.

    6. Oh, he helped her. He helps innocents, doesn't he? And it all hinged on her being an innocent, didn't it? So he takes her on a slaughtering mission which is not going to make her innocent in any sense of the word. Now he has no reason to give a shit about her. And he doesn't give a shit about her, so pardon me for not understanding why she makes a big deal out of him.

      Oh, I'm a trusting man... but my trust is VERY contingent and conditional.

    7. Nobody gives a fuck if you'e trusting, nobody will trust you. Well unless they are stupid.

    8. Am I trustworthy, you mean?

      Of course I am.

      By which I mean, no I'm not.

      Not at all.

      But believe me when I say, Kelevra, that you are getting on my fucking nerves, it's got to the point where it's an itch I really gotta scratch. Where the fuck are you? I'm going to slap you like a little bitch.

    9. Such pointless threats, even if say you WERE able to find and lets say MAYBE you would be able to kill me (which is quite doubtful). That would only enrage your daughter even more and that would distance both of you away from each other even more. In any of those cases I will still win and you will end up a sore pathetic, loser...Oh wait, you already are, you failed at everything you ever attempted ha ha!

    10. I say 'slap' and you think I mean 'kill'. You'r taking this "artistic interpretation" stuff a bit far.

      I'm a loser? Oh, then tell me about how you'd heard of me before Alya met me? Ha.

      Seriously, you need an ass whooping, it'll be so cathartic for me, besides it will be great to see the man whose apparently so good to my daughter. Can you do Friday?

    11. Well you DID show your diesire to murder me before, sooo ya know.

      I don't need to know anything about you, all I need to know is the end result and seems like you fucked up.

      Friday? Friday....Hmmm...Friday...Nope. I'm good for Wednesday though.

    12. Sure. I have a chaotic schedule but I imagine that suits you well.

    13. Oh definitely, we'll have SO MUCH FUN! We can sit up all night! Make s'mores, talk about boys, braid each other's hair!

    14. We can stay up late, swapping manly stories, and in the morning, I'm making WAFFLES.

  5. New year, up one.

    Yes, to late now.