Tuesday, December 3, 2013


Family is a beautiful thing, whoever knows me, knows I don't particularly like targeting families. Don't get me wrong, I killed a lot of them in my time, but I never used them as means of getting to my target, that is just pathetic in my eyes.

Visited my families's graves today. Never visited them since the day I killed them. My first murder, first step to pure destruction, I enjoyed it, didn't regret it once, still don't. I came to thank them, for giving me this opportunity, for giving me a taste of my first destruction, of self destruction.

I remember people at the asylum, asking me questions like "Why?" Never had an answer for them, it just made sense. I mean, in my eyes, they were there to help me fulfill my destiny, after all, thats what every good parent does. They were there to give me a taste, a real taste and they did.

Still remember the kitchen knife I used. My father went first, he was fixing the broken sink in the church's kitchen, he didn't expect it, I came up to him and just stabbed my knife through his throat, oh he was kicking and thrashing, but he was real quiet about it, finally, sweet release. The shock in his eyes, the realization that it was I who was taking his life, his own flesh and blood, it felt good.

Then it was my mommy's turn. She came back from grocery shopping, I was behind the door when she came in. Since I was a bit too short to reach any of her fatal parts, I went for the legs, stabbed her through the left leg, making her fall to her knees, screaming, not realizing it is her son stabbing her to death, her own flesh and blood. When she was on my level, I drove the knife through her skull, instant kill, last thing she saw, was her son shove a knife into her.

Svetlana and Georgij, that's their names. I thank you Svetlana and Georgij, you were my lever that I used to get into this game. You were good people, if anything, I am sorry for not turning out the way you hoped for. You would have been good parents to a different child. You were just unlucky to have me as your son, but, nothing personal.

And now, a rose for both of you, a bid you farewell, may both of you rest in peace.

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  1. Family isn't beautiful for everyone. Some of us did not grow up in a household with parents like Sveta and Georgij.