Thursday, January 23, 2014

A Bargain, is a Bargain

So, I don't know if any of you ladies knew about this bargain I made with our favorite bargaining man Lovett, otherwise known as Philly. But we did make a deal, the deal was that I kill Artsyom (The Fuck-Up in life) and he in return gives me documents, that say everything about me, I wanted those documents, not because I wanted to hide my identity, on the contra-ire, I wanted to reveal. But Incogny seems to have explained it very well on his own.

So I did it, yes ladies and germs, I killed Artsyom, just like that, sadly I didn't take a photo of his corpse, since the building we were in, went BOOM. But I had different proof and now that I had it, I set up a meeting with Philly. He told me to come over to some sort of dump, to come to the bottom of the block of empty flats. Why do they always choose empty buildings to meet up? So this is how it went:

So I see him standing in the middle of the room, and decide to drop in as elegantly as I can. He didn't seem to like it, since when I appeared behind him, he just flinched away drawing a very familiar dagger on me, to be precise it was Snowman's (Snowblind's) old Azoth dagger. Nostalgia hit me in the face so hard, too bad I couldn't feel it.

Once he saw it was me, he took a few steps back, still holding the dagger at the ready.

Man, the outfit he was wearing was just ridiculous, he was wearing some Shady Glasses and a silly mask.

"You trying out for the local gang or something?"

"I prefer to keep my face hidden. Old habits." he then took a few more steps behind the table that was located in the center of the room, he also noticed a cup of coffee I was holding at the time, it was full of ice "Why the mug? Seems somewhat... Out of place, really."

I love when people get curious "What can I say?" my darling's sleeve wrapped around the cup and stretched toward his table, now I couldn't tell the expression on his face, but I bet he was astonished at how me and my darling, Fortissimo worked. Once near his table, my darling tipped the cup over making Artsyom's left ear fall out of it, onto the table "I was thirsty."

It took him a few minutes to utter a sentence "Christ, when I said proof, I meant like a photo or something." He then used the tip of his knife to flip the ear over to examine it, I don't know why he did that, seemed rather pointless to me.

"Well excuse me, I didn't bring my imaginary photo camera that day. Besides I was planning to bring you a head, or a leg, or something more bigger, but the fuck was slippery, the only thing I was able to scavenge, was the ear, bit it right off, before, you know, I leveled the place leaving nothing but ashes."

"When in doubt, blow everything up? Doesn't seem your style. Always seemed more up close and personal." he started circling around the room, still keeping his eyes on me along with the dagger, I found that amusing, I was just standing still. He then reached his backpack, opened it and took out a piece of paper "A deal's a deal. The papers you wanted are in a locker. Address and number are written here." he finally offered me the piece of paper, holding it by the edge at arms length.

"Well you know, sometimes I'm in the mood for fireworks." I took the paper "You know, I'm surprised." I put the paper into my Darling's pocket "You didn't even check who's ear it is, I mean it could be anyone's for all you know, makes me think you're setting me up." I smiled and turned around "But I'll trust you, after all, you value your rep as a Bargaining Man and everyone knows, Bargaining Men do not deceive." that's when an entrance to the board opened up for me, it is always so bright, it actually lit up everything in the room, I'm sure our Philly was blinded by it, but before I stepped through the entrance, I gave Philly a little warning "But if its a trap, I'm coming after your girlfriend." only then did I leave.

Lucky for Philly, it wasn't a trap, I got my files and as you can tell from Incogny's latest post, I already started my little game, it is coming to a close ladies and gentlemen, so soon.

And Dimir, I'm not leaving you out of this, in fact, I'm going to drop you right in the middle of this, you asked for it.

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