Tuesday, January 14, 2014

I am not Happy, not, one, BIT

Oh I killed her, I murdered Diana, I reached inside of her mouth and pulled her fucking spinal cord out of her mouth! Murdered all of the agents that were in the building and had a final encounter with her, of course being me, I was wondering how in the blue hell she got this position. I mean she has no military background whatsoever. And then she uttered a name, right before she died, a name that I thought I'd never hear again in my LIFE.

Dimir Volkov...

Ring any bells you proxy fuckers? He's one of those "Oracles", big corporate asshole, only difference between him and other "Oracles", this motherfucker doesn't sit on his ass in a tower all day, he prefers to do shit himself, a sort of a legend.

Why am I so ticked off at this information? Well, when I was an up and coming proxy, he was my tutor, that's right, he showed me the ropes, showed me how this whole business works and other shit among those lines. He was the reason I got all the respect from so many proxies right off the bat, because he doesn't like wasting his time on newbies, yet he decided to train me.

Apparently, when he heard, that I actually bit off a good chunk of Marshmallow, in our very first encounter, he was fascinated. This is probably the only motherfucker that knows EVERYTHING about me and he won't be afraid to use that knowledge against me. He and I, we are very similar in one regard, we both live in our worlds and I think when he was training me back in the days, he was also slightly irritated at me, because I figured out a formula which he was proud of, he didn't like my world and secretly, he was praying for the day that I betray Marshmallow, so he could personally go after me.

That explains why Diana was hired, he wanted to send on a wild goose chase, to distract me, while he committed the most SLEAZY ACT I EVER SAW! See while I was occupied, he broke into Rose's pawn shop...he murdered her...and he sent me every single gory detail...

Saying that I'm mad, is an understatement, he murdered the first person to ever understand me, he murdered my first friend, my best friend...I don't take kindly to that. But that is Dimir for you, say what you want about him, he swindled me, he distracted me, he wants to play...

Well ok, I'll play, you reading this Dimir? I'll play.

Only one thing, I am not the same, but you know it better than anyone, you know how powerful I have become, you know what I did, you felt it. Now it's coming for you.


  1. Volkov, eh? I hate to fuck with anyone that has a wolf themed name. Fate gives them that name for a reason.

    I'm sorry about Rose. I wish I could have died instead, however painful the death was.

    Good luck.

  2. I'm sorry to hear that.

    It's at times like these when I'm glad that I've been relatively isolated from the organization and it's variousf middle men.

    I wish you luck

  3. Sorry for your loss. But really, you didn't expect people to go after her?

  4. I'm sincerely sorry about Rose. She seemed like a cool person from your description, and I hope you kill that fucker, Dimir, quickly.