Thursday, January 16, 2014

Patient #9: The Wolf

Name: ???

Username: KnitWolf

Nickname: Knitty

Theme (New Category): Ghost Town - Game Freak

Analysis: Ah good ol' Knitty, ever since I posted my first comment on your blog, I knew we would become friends. Ladies and Gentlemen, this young lady has an artistic mind set, the way her brain works when she is either painting, or murdering someone, tis a beauty to be seen. I fully understand why Marshmallow found interest in her, I consider her to be my colleague (I don't consider a lot of people to be my colleagues). However, sometimes, I noticed, she gets confused in emotions, well at least, the past version of her, I don't know if she has that defect today. She is also, surprisingly trusting, hence why a certain someone was able to get a jump on her and...well some of you might know the rest of the story. However we all make mistakes and I truly believe that experience made her smarter in that regard.

Weaknesses: Artistic minds are dangerous my friends, sometimes people lose sight of their true purpose because of such a mind and I can very well see the possibility of that happening with Knitty, which would greatly disappoint me. Her relationship with Fell, tis truly a target that can be exploited.

Strength: Her inner self named Skien, Skien is made out of the same substance my darling Fortissimo was made out of. And everyday Knitty's bond with her other half, grows and grows.

Survival Chances: High, as I said, Marshmallow is training her, he has interest in her, he used to have interest in me as well, only difference, I exploited that privilege.

Diagnosis: An Artist, everything she does, she approaches it with a creative mind, making sure to put a lot of effort into whatever she's doing, I can respect that.

Really hard to find a person who will pose for you, tis why I have dozen of bodies to use for my little hobby.

I missed doing these, I truly did, I needed relief.


  1. That picture is soooo fucking cool! Red and black are my favourite colours that go together.

    1. That is a splendid new avatar; I almost calmly and Britishly shat bricks. For a guy with a burned face, you look rather dashing. I wish I had blue eyes. Now I'm jealous.

    2. They are my mother's eyes, now that you mention it, they are rather shiny.

  2. So, I take it that you're a fan?

    1. Of course, I'm a fan of any art, except those paintings where random color is splattered all over the canvas, never got that.

    2. My bowels are stirring and I now have to shit art history all over you.

      Splatter paintings is called abstract expressionism which put emphasis on the process of creating the art than the art itself. It came about after WW2 when the cubism movement had died and left us with vanilla Impressionism, always focussing on politics as this was post-WW2 and Great Depression time.

      The poorer youth of that time had just been taken out of the army and were broke, unemployed and pissed off. Splattering paint onto a canvas was a rebellion, spitting in the face of Impressionism and the political system that forced them to go to war, the political system that was living comfortably while they suffered. When you think splatters, you need to note the colour of the splatters - they are always bold, primary. The people making those paintings were ex soldiers, or at least people who'd experienced the horrors of WW2 - blood, bombs and bayonets. PTSD, injuries, trench foot. To capture this they used brutal, improvised splatters, surely a familiar concept to you.

      At the time, people were conservative and were shocked by this new art, and these young artists began the breakaway that would eventually lead to the concept of youth subculture in the 1950s.

      Now you get it.

  3. ...This post left me without words for a while
    You put so much thought into this
    And that picture…
    I am absolutely honored
    Skein is amused, though it’s more at my initial reaction than the post itself

    I will point out one thing though:
    What happened with Carmine was not an issue of too much trust in him but rather, not enough in Fell and Hart. I did not trust Carmine, hence why I was not surprised by his attack. Unfortunately, I was so focused on countering said attack, that I left myself open to being shot by a panicking bystander. If I had brought Fell or Hart with me, things might not have gone so badly. I did not do so because I was afraid that Carmine would take them hostage. I did not trust their skills and I paid for it. I fully admit to my mistakes here and I have learned from them. They will not be repeated.

    Also, I am a fellow fan of the combination of red and black.
    And I like your new avatar

    1. Ah my mistake, I got the overall weakness, however I missed the deeper meaning behind it, it happens. I am absolutely thrilled that I was able to leave you speechless.

      I saw a lot of red black during my life, so it kind of grew on me. As for the avatar, why thank you, I never really show off my scars, not that I'm afraid of them, I just never see the point. The only reason why I have that photo is because I needed to keep a record of my scars.

    2. I wish I could feel them, but alas, beauty comes at a cost.