Sunday, August 18, 2013


Got'chu peeps, did you really believe such an awesome guy like me would become a mindless slave, forever looking for an imaginary daughter? Fuck that shit. (I can already see comments like "Herpa Derp I knew you were joking."

Now that post wasn't a complete joke, it actually had a point, allow me to explain.

See, over the weeks that I've been looking over this girl, I got really friendly with her. Whenever she was bullied, I appeared out of nowhere and scared the bullies. Whenever she was bored, I would climb up her window to play with  her and whenever she would fall asleep, I would tell her a story.

Suffice to say, I got attached, she was just so innocent.

I later realized why I was so attached to her, she was indeed the Unnamed Child, one day when I came to visit her, through her window of course, her room was torn down to hell, like nobody lived inside of it for ages, covered with confusion I looked outside and what I saw, was that I was now standing inside of an abandoned building.

At first I was covered with confusion, but quickly I got my shit together and was ready to get out of there, as I turned towards the door, there she was, standing inside the doorway...That Pale Woman that stalks Incognito.

Remembering the last time she and I had an encounter, I wasn't going to rush her this time, as always my darling Fortissimo could not sense her  presence, yet I could see her, that phenomena still confuses me.

So I turn towards the window through which I climbed up, about to take my leave and there she was, in a torn, dirty skirt, dirty black hair, lifeless eyes, skinny body and a big ass grin on her face, The Unnamed Child.

So as you can tell, I was sandwiched.

I stood there for about 3 minutes, looking around at both of them periodically, they were just starring at me from both sides. And then I heard it, in my head, the sounds that I could understand, it was The Unnamed Child, she was communicating with me, she wasn't talking, those weren't words, those were sounds, which I could somehow understand.

She heard of what I am doing, in fact she was keeping an eye on me through her Servants. She liked what I do and wanted me to join her and help her.

Once she told me that, a dirty smirk appeared on my face, it was clear now.

"Will you help me?"

"Why ask? When you can get?" Minute of silence.

I start walking around back and fourth, pompously "Or is it, that you can't get me to serve you? I bet that's it, otherwise you wouldn't be standing here, asking for my help, oh this is glorious." I stop, look at her and smile.

Her stupid looking grin, changed into a serious frown, her eyes got covered up by her hair, I could tell, she was getting mad and it was such an enjoyable feeling.

"Then I will break you."

With that, it was my cue to get out of there and I had just the idea on how to do so.

Remember The Pale Woman standing behind me? What I don't get, is if she was working with The Unnamed Child, or was she invisible to The Unnamed Child, just like my darling Fortissimo? Because The Unnamed Child, payed her no attention during that whole conversation.

In any way, as soon as I saw The Unnamed Child change (Not a pretty sight, can't even describe it) I had to get out of there, so I ran towards The Pale Woman and in an instant, I was in a different place, outside the city where The Aces were located. After that, I spent days driving back.

Also, a side note for Alicia, I can't tell if that was The Instant talking for her, but my darling Fortissimo, told me there was something off.

Speaking of my darling, she was the one who suggested me to follow that girl, she explained to me why, she wanted to show me, how strong we were together.

I love you too, my dear.


  1. You didn't fool me, matey boy; one of the side effects of having a friend is that they know you well. Nonetheless I was concerned and I am glad you are OK. ^‿^❀

    1. Oh, and I need to gloat about it to JP.

      Someone pick up that phone, because Sanna J MacLaren fucking called it!

    2. Look at you jacking my lines, but it's okay.

    3. If it'll make you happy, I'll use my own line.

      Someone gather those telephone wires together, because (*Vikady's sunglasses*) I totally freaking CORD it.

      This means we are good friends you know, because I know you well enough to know you would not fall for that shit.

  2. Wow.. I'm glad you didn't get recruited by her.
    If that was indeed the Instant and he had you on his side, I would have had to fight you..

    Holy fuck. That was a close one. x.x
    I would have noped the hell out of here. I mean I can't fucking fight you AND the Instant at once.

    I guess the Instant is planning something big. Or he wanted you to stop me from coming after him. Or its not him and this is just a coincidence, problem is I don't believe in those anymore. (In other words the Instant is smarter than I thought. He's also an asshole, but thats nothing new.)

    1. Darn, should have accepted, could have met up with you and had some FUN!

      Oh well...

    2. For some reason I'm doubting your definition of fun is the same as mine.

      Unless you mean you'd switch sides and help me raid his base. I mean killing 50 servants does seem more FUN than killing little old me. It also would teach that bitch/bastard for trying to use you.

      But oh well. I'll tell her/him/it you said Hi or something, before killing/Sealing whatever the fuck the Instant's gender is.

    3. Nah, I would help you raid them and then probably betray you, you know, like a little bonus.

    4. That's assuming I don't betray you first. <x3

  3. GAWD DANG, an encounter with an actual Fear and escaped shit-free, because you remembered you were human. FUCKING AWESOME BALLS.

    This makes me SO homesick.

    1. Lots of people did it before me, still it's always fun to piss these "Gods" off, feels so good.

      Don't get sick now, those kids are depending on their boogey men.