Wednesday, October 2, 2013

They fear The Bad Dog, yes, yes they do.

yes they do, they do indeed.

gorinich listen, gorinich listen to the whispers of cities, the whispers, they say, the monster was hurt by the bad dog

bad dog managed to hurt the monster, that's what the whispers say, yes they do

the whispers of the people I ate, yes, they do

want to ask bad dog, need him to recover, want to ask.


  1. Gorinich? That you, buudy?

    Kelevra managed to really hurt that pale Pot Noodle bastard and make it scared? Good. Better than good. Fucking sublime. If I can scrape up the money, I'll get him a present.... need gift ideas though. Something he can use in recovery. Like a movie. To HMV!

    1. Don't take his words seriously, he loves to occasionally spew sme nonsense.

      - Egle.

  2. The people you ate stay with you? Would've thought your priority would be to eat your leaders. Egle and Kelevra. Best way to know their wills and keep them safe.