Thursday, October 10, 2013

That is just stupid.

Egle here and all of this is stupid, we have to lay low, all because of Kelevra's stupid revenge plan for his stupid, imaginary, liquid thing.

This is ridiculous, don't get me wrong Kelevra is a full blown psycho, but he was never stupid, but recently he's been acting ruthless for no good reason.

Even if he did hurt Slendy, what did that bring us? I understand if he had killed him, but he only hurt him, pissed him off and on top of all that he also pissed off The Archangel. Not to mention the million losses we had suffered due to that stupid publicity stunt.

So now we have 2 arguably most dangerous Fears gunning for us, a legion of their servants looking for us, a good dozen of our own men killed and all Kelevra cares about at the moment is talking to his imaginary lover.

This is getting fucking ridiculous.


  1. Ummmm.... QUESTION!

    If you didn't want Fears gunning for you, why the fuck did you tear into their bases?

    I'm all for doing that, but you should probably be aware that there is this little concept, at least there is in British culture and that's where your based, and it's called "Retaliation".

  2. Who's stupider, though? The delusional lunatic or the person who willingly follows him?
    Seriously, you don't trust your leader not to get you killed you get the fuck out. Best not to encourage them, eh?