Tuesday, October 8, 2013


Some of you were wondering where is my darling, why, she never left. All the time I was in a comma, she was inside of me, patching up my insides. Where do you think my darling comes from? Answer, from inside of me, even when she's in a jacket form, we never really separate, we simply can't, now at least.

And that is the "Stronger" part, through time, my darling under went some changes. Remember the bunker Incognito was staying in? If not, I suggest you read up, because I explain some interesting stuff in that post. Apparently, my darling has been away from Marshmallow for so long that she had changed, her being changed, that explains why magnets do not work on me, because she isn't Azoth anymore, she is something different.

How can I tell? That will remain a secret, but lets just say, I ain't dying any time soon.

And now onto different business, apparently, judging from some document that I stole from proxies not so long time ago, Aces of Rejects are pretty frikin' high on the target list after that stunt we pulled, sooooo we're laying low for now.

That's it I think...Oh Incogny, times is coming closer, tick tock, soon, really soon! FINALLY!


  1. You were still FUCKING RECKLESS as FUCK you FUCKER.

    Does "laying low" mean "attacking bases and not telling anyone about it" or "playing cards" or "spying on Incognito"?

    1. All of the above, with a little bit of other things on top.

    2. Can you put aside some time for me to slap you in the face for being reckless as fuck?

  2. Sorry, read this three times and I atill can't get over the fact that you qere in q comma. Pity it didm't end up being a full stop.