Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Patient #10: Incogny

Name: I know, but won't say.

Username: Mr.Incognito

Nickname: Incogny

Theme: Bi-2 - Colonel (Look up English lyrics online, you'll see why this song fits him.)

Analysis: Incognito was a good guy, grew up in Moscow, working class family, shipped off to the army, the army trained him to kill, performs perfectly in the army, after a few years of struggle, is offered to become a KGB agent, Mr. Incognito is born during his job.

Incognito comes home, Incognito is still a good guy, Incognito loves his wife and daughter, gonna grow old with them, live a happy life. Chop, they're all dead, Mr. Incognito is born in that Church. So which is it? When did you become, what you are, what am I missing?

You loved your job didn't you? You never realized how dead you were inside until you got the job offer, did you? Until you realized what it was you were made for. There'd always been a war-sized hole in your heart and work at the agency filled it for you, after all, you were sent off most of the time to some of the dirtiest wars this world has ever seen, it must have been intoxicating. War was your calling in life, I bet it was hard to walk away from that. You loved your family, but you still must have missed it, since when you got married they stopped sending you on these dangerous missions, you killed before. Playing with your kid, fucking your wife, did it all remind you of just how hollow you were inside? Did you ever dream of war? Yes, I bet you did.

What happened that day in the Church, didn't change you, it freed you. Freed you to go back to your one true love, but your superiors wouldn't send you back to those dangerous places, they thought you were too unstable, so they kept giving you small time assignments, so you started your own war. So if you were already the Monster the day your family died, the question becomes... Why didn't you see it coming?

You were used to avoiding ambushes, your personal file even states that you had an uncanny knack for it. All these times you avoided death in your line of work, so why did it get the jump on you then? You were protecting your family, the one thing that was supposed to be more precious to you than anything else, and yet you dropped the ball like never before and never since.

You got them killed, your wife, your kid. You let them die right in front of your eyes. How could you let that happen?

Lets look at the day of tragedy. You were standing a few feet away from your wife, who was near the booth. Your daughter was inside the booth, it was a peaceful day. You were at peace, staring lovingly into your wife's eyes. That's why you didn't see the insane priest coming, right? Bullshit! I don't buy it Incogny. Churches and family's? You weren't built for that sort of life. You'd no sooner know how to play football with your kid than most dad would know how to field-strip and M-60 or kill a man with the toe of their boot. No, you may be a lot of things Mr. Incognito, but a good family man was never one of them.

You were a trained soldier but you didn't see it coming. Why was that? When you were walking towards the church. You were already The Monster, you just needed something to set you off, you were a soldier in need of war, you were talking to your wife, your last conversation. What were you saying to her? Before the Axe got swung, what was it that you said? What were your last words to her?

You were not a good father, you were not much of a husband. That day in the Church, you were floundering, you were lost, you thought you had everything you ever wanted in the world, but you had nothing that Axe, that day, saved you!

You were going to flounder forever until that Axe came. It was the greatest thing that ever happened to you, yet you didn't even see it coming. You were walking with your family, you were floundering, you were The Monster, you were talking to your wife, you were...

Oh my God...

I got it.

Diagnosis: I know your secret.


  1. A man once took me to a proxy base
    To help shoot some poor fuckers in the face
    A day that made me ablaze and alive
    A violent soil in which I began to thrive
    A gift, an icy feeling so happy and sick
    Even though his brother was kind of a prick
    See, a father to hug me is one thing I needed
    Along with gunfire and slaughter,
    as the man interceded.