Wednesday, March 26, 2014

R.I.P. and A Bond.

This post is dedicated to a very good friend and a great adversary, KnitWolf.

I may have not known her real name, but to me it wasn't important and it still isn't, I will always remember her as the wolf.

Me and Knitty had a special connection, we understood each other the way nobody could, she and I, both of us were artists, our understanding of the world allowed us to be free, our freedom allowed us to have respect towards each other, which created the desire of friendship and of battle, we both formed our own world's and it is only natural that we wanted to see who's world would prevail in a collision, guess we'll never know...

I know that her "Offspring's" are still alive, so this is a message to them, carry on, no matter how hard the loss is, it would be disrespectful to the memory of The Wolf to just curl up and die, she did so much for both of you, don't let it go to waste.

Rest in Peace, KniWolf.


The news of The Wolf's death and the events of the last post inspired me to explain a few things about me and Incognito.

Apparently some of you fail to grasp the reason, of why I am fascinated by Incognito. Well, simply put, he is more human than anyone, I have ever met. What? Did you think I chose him because he was a cold blooded murderer? Any of you study physics? When a Negative and a Negative collide, they simply push each other away. When a Negative and a Positive collide, they connect, forming something different?

Have you not noticed? How much I have changed ever since I started following Incognito? Before I met him, I was convinced that I was a monster, an inhumane beast, but as time passed, I realized that I could still feel, I could still make friends, despite of what I want to believe, I'm a human.

That is the reason, I saw myself in Incognito, a human being, trying to deny it, in fact Incognito is more human than me, more human than anyone. That moment when he killed his family, inside The Path, you think it was an act of coldness? No. It was an act of pity, how dare Marshmallow Man bring them back from their rest, how dare he tangle them up in all of this, how dare he torture them? No. He didn't want it to be, he didn't want them to suffer any longer, so he sent them back, back to peace, away from the world of dirt, horror and war.

Do you see now? Only by both of us colliding, did we create a change, rather than just bounce away from each other. And now that change is forming into destruction, since both of our worlds are about to collide.

THIS is why I chose him.


  1. every time you say "destruction", i get that Megadeth symphony of destruction song in my head... which isnt a bad thing at all :). but i heard you like classical music so you'd probably hate it. :(

    1. Dear Minxie, I appreciate all sorts of music, I just never have time to listen to it, not even classical. I like any sort of music which conveys a destructive mood in it.

  2. I know she did and I'm doing my best to carry on. I just hope Fell will start doing the same. She's not doing too good and I don't know what to do about it.

    1. Tell her what I said, tell her that she is being an egotistic brat, I mean Wolf did everything for her and what does she want to do? Just throw it all away? Knitty came up with a plan before her death, she trusted both of you to carry out that plan, you may not know what it is yet, or you may already know, I have my guesses of what it is and it is very important that Fell gets her shit together.

      Also, how's that girl doing, Laura was her name?

    2. Laura was her name. Now she's going by the name Whelp. She's starting to come around. She talks a little bit and she wrote a post for her blog

      I don't know what kind of plan you think Wolfie had. All I know is that she wanted us and that kid to live

  3. "Incognito is more human than anyone"

    I don't even.... he's not exactly the chairman of Amnesty and he doesn't act like a human. Maybe Alexandria brought you back to humanity but I don't think the same magic is ever going to work on that vigilante shitpiece. It didnt work on me, anyway.

    1. Just cause it didn't work on you, doesn't mean it won't work on anyone else, get off your pedestal. He might not act like a human, however, he has reason behind his actions and they are rational, unlike yours. He killed his family a second time, in hopes of keeping them out of this horrific game, you hurt your daughter, not to protect her, but to get back at her Mother (Who is dead) that is a selfish act.

      Unlike you, Incognito is a selfless human being, he jumped at the chance to help other people who in his mind, deserve it. In fact he has wasted every single second of his life for the past 15 years, to protect helpless people, from the predators. Sure the methods are questionable, but nobody's perfect.

      Open your eyes, oh wait, I forgot, you can't, you're blind.

    2. Open YOUR eyes, oh wait, I forgot, you can't, your head is deep in Incognito's lap, and well making sure he gets his money's worth.

      "Nobody's perfect". THAT is your justification for his behaviour when crime is actually a complex and convoluted issue? Is he signing up for the annual community litter pick? Walking the dogs at the rescue centre? Adopting lost children? No, he ain't doing none of those things.