Sunday, March 16, 2014

Kelevra, Master of Interference!

Now see, Dimir is quite the crafty motherfucker, you know what he did? He captures Minxie, sent two videos, one to Artyomka and second to Incogny. Both of them went to save her, both of them when they met up, tried to eliminate each other.In the end, Incogny was about to slice Artyomka's throat with a knife and this is when I had to step in, I used the Board's door to get there just before Incognito got the chance to slice his throat, drop kicking Incognito away from Artyomka.

"I'm afraid I can't let you do that Incogny, this is Minxie's trophy" 

I looked at Artyomka, and noticed his missing ear (An previous encounter he and I had), the sight made me smile.

"I see that ear didn't grow back yet."

Incognito was about to shoot me, I was surprised, I mean Minxie was right there bleeding out and all he cared about was shooting me? No. Of course not, his instincts kicked in and he rushed to help her, knowing full well that I wouldn't attack him, he knows me so well, makes me happy.

"That's Incognito? And people say she sees that heartless bastard as a father figure? I saw him real close up. Ain't nothing left in his eyes. Shit's barren."

That comment made me smile, even Artyomka noticed.

"I know, that's why I chose him."

After that Incognito picked up Minxie, turned to face us and gave us a friendly threat.

"As for the both of you, I will kill you later." 

After that, I started hearing a beeping all over the warehouse, then it hit me.

"Dimir you son of a bitch..." 

That motherfucker is a smarty pants, he knew if Incognito and Artyomka would come to rescue Minxie, I would come along and interfere, which gave him a great chance to wipe all of us out, with one swift blow.

"Let's go Artyomka, I'll take you for a ride." 

I grabbed his hand and went through the board's door, to leave the place, I knew Incognito would be able to get out on his own, after all, he still has my gift. I delivered both of us, to the same park where we previously met, for the first time, dropped him on the bench.

"Had your fun, Tarzan?"

"Can't believe Dimir invited all of us. He knows how to throw a party."

"Indeed, he's a tricky bastard ain't he? You know him don't you? You met him before?"

He lit his cigarette (Remember kids, don't smoke).

"Yeah, quite a while ago actually."

I got interested, not only did Dimir want to wipe all of us out, apparently he had an agenda with almost everyone in that Warehouse, except for Incognito. I sat down on the bench and made myself comfortable.

"I have some time on my hands for a story."

"Cătălina and I, when Alexandria was born, made a deal with him. Our family would be protected as long as we no longer interfered. That's how I met Dimir."

Took me a minute, but I got the rest of the story.

"And when Catalina left your ass, you got all greedy and decided to terminate the deal." 

I looked at him.

"Am I right?"

He kept silent, but I could see it in his eyes, eyes which seemed like they were hiding something, or refusing to admit something. Either I was right, or there's something else, in any way I got off the bench, about to take my leave.

"I hope you do realize that I rescued you for personal reasons right? Minxie has a lot of anger pent up for you, I want her to kill you and only her. Next time, don't expect me to save you."

And then I left, using one of the board's doors.

So yeah, I had fun and apparently, Dimir has decided to throw his hat into my and Incognito's little game.

You're not welcome here Dimir.


  1. Today I learned that I am Dimir's hat. Since he decided to throw me into your game. Now how do I get out of it because it is giving me a lot of inner turmoil. Plox.

    If Dimir knows about Artsyom I shall add him to my Fuckers I Need To Interrogate list.

    1. Good luck, trying to get your hands on him, even the board can't let me enter his base.

    2. Then give his number. I'll phone his ass. He has no reason to keep it a secret from me, does he?

    3. You really think I use a phone? I don't even know how these things work.

    4. So teleporting you can do, hurting the Slender Man you can do better, and the Internet is cool too, but a fucking phone, now that would just be asking far too much of you.

      Not saying you have to use a phone, I use a phone to keep up with blogs on the run. And also contact Incognito with whatever dilemma I have at the time (well, not this time since my dilemmas are getting more dangerous and more personal, not gonna contact him about those things, for fear that he will ignore me to death.)

      Damn it. How do I get to know what happened without contacting Artsyom? 'Cause that's a line I ain't crossing, no sir, the next interaction I have with Artsyom will be me blasting his brains out.

  2. As I said on my blog, why the hell would I give you the full story? What did you do to earn it?

    Also, FYI, I don't think Dimir gives a shit whether he's welcome or not, and when you said you were going to drop him in the middle of this, you better not pussy out just because it wasn't on your terms.

    1. If he wants to join, let him join, he signing his own grave stone.

      There's mo such thing as "my own terms", there's only "life terms" the only thing we can do, is go along.

    2. Exactly, so don't pussy out.

      Wait, so who is in your game again? Am I in it?