Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Study begins

Now that I've covered everything, it is time to begin studying you Incogsy. It is true, I know everything about you, your past, your real name, everything, however, I do not think like you, I am different, I will stay that way. However, I want to understand you, I want to know your feelings, your dreams, everything, so I payed a visit to your old weapon supplier, you know, the fascist? He's been supplying you for several years, even before you got mixed up in this game:

"Jesus, just fucking kill me already..."

"If I wanted you dead, you think I would have gone to all this trouble? I mean come on! My arms are sore fucking killing me from swinging this bat, show a little compassion, jeez."

"Please...Just do it..."

"Are you saying I don't know how to torture someone? Is that it!? You're saying I'm a moron or something? That I ain't good at my job?"

He was pissing me off


"You're not a moron, you're a goddamn lunatic."

"All right then, glad we understand each other. Now, lets talks about Incogny. You supply him with arms."

"There's lots of arms dealers in Moscow."

"Right. But only a handful who can provide the caliber of equipment that Incogny needs. I talked to the others, and by talk I mean bludgeoned to death. They all named you."

The look he was giving me, wasn't friendly.

"Why sell to a man like that? He can't have been good for business. Tends to kill off criminals, doesn't he?"

"Ten years ago, someone broke into my parents' home, robbed them, shot them both."

"Is this a joke? If so I've heard it before."

"Cops couldn't find the guy, but Incognito did."

"Ah, so it's a debt of honor, you owe the man. Does that mean you'd die protecting him?"

"Listen, you can beat me all the fuck you want. You can kill me, whatever..."

"Already intended to, but thanks."

"I don't know where he is. He's got safe houses all over the world, I wouldn't be able to take you to a single one."

"I know that. I'm not asking you how to find him. You think I'd break your legs with a baseball bat over something so trivial? No no no. You've met the man, talked to him, maybe even shook his hand. I want you to tell me how he sounds, how he smells. Does his breath stink? Does he shave every day? Does his hair look combed? If he was a tree, what kind of tree would he be? I want you to tell me everything you know, or think you know, about Incognito. I just want you to tell me what he's like."

We made a lot of progress with good ol' Fascist, I now know that unequivocally that Incognito does not shake hands with arms dealers. I've got the scent. Oh, I also killed good ol' Fascist, he outlived his usefulness.

Just like Incognito, I set myself on a journey, visit every single site in Moscow where Incognito had killed, I realize that it's the whole damn city, but I never look for easy ways out. One of those site's was his very old warehouse, the cops didn't even bother to clean it up, they just took the body, the blood splatters are still here along with a mattress.

You shouldn't have left your mattress Incogny, because now I can hear your dreams.

I will meet up with you Incognito, but first I must now you. I must know you in every way. I must know you, like I know myself. I must know this city, the very place where you began your career as a murderer, I must stand on every spot you've spilled blood here. I must know the men who hate you, who help you, who've died by your hand.

I must know where you came from, before I can know where you're going. I must know how you kill, how you live. I must eat the same food,fuck the same women, I must walk in your shoes. I must be you.

Before I can kill you.


  1. "fuck the same women"

    But his wife is de-

    Oh, right, necrophiliac, of course.

  2. I only travelled with Incognito for two months. I don't even know what he thinks of me. He could hate me and I would never know about it. I remember him as a highly practical person though, so I don't think hate is really his thing. Maybe disinterest.

    If he was a tree, he would be a redwood tree. Duh. In Travels With Charley, John Steinbeck wrote about the redwood tree that they "leave a mark or create a vision that stays with you always. [...] The feeling they produce is not transferable. From them comes silence and awe. It's not only their unbelievable stature, [...] no, they are not like any trees we know, they are ambassadors from another time."

    Speculation aside, if there's one thing I could tell you for absolute certain, it's this: if you kill him, I am going to tear you out of the nether by your ballsack, throw you to the fucking floor, rip your spine clean from your body and use it to impale you onto the floor, and empty a Kalashnikov into your grid until there is nothing left but Kelevra-azoth-bandage purée. Which I will then proceed to piss on, douse in petrol and then I will set that shit on fire.

    1. Ah, confusion, anger, two of your good friends are going to go at each other's throats. Fact remains, one of us is going to die when we meet and no matter the outcome, it will tear you apart from the inside no matter what.

      Because in both scenarios, you lose a friend.

    2. But at the end of the day, I think you know where my loyalties lie.

  3. If you think that this somehow slows down my access to weaponry, you are greatly mistaken.

    If this was your attempt at hurting me, failed again, that scum was responsible for several child deaths because of him dealing guns to wrong people.

    If you hadn't done it, I would.

    - Mr. Incognito.

    1. I'm pretty sure its exactly what he said it was. An attempt to get to know you better. Nothing more, nothing less.

      I'm surprised his jacket/gf isn't getting jealous of his obsession with you. xD Or maybe Azoth is above jealousy? I dunno.

    2. Maybe she shares the obsession? And there is my new OT3, and I need more brain bleach. Though a mutual obsession does sound very reasonable.

    3. @Artsyom: I see you, I kill you.

      @Alicia: Good to see you back, I don't care what it is he is trying to achieve, it won't help him.

      - Mr. Incognito.

    4. "I see you, I kill you"?

      I never did anything to you. Get that sand out of your vagina. You have no fucking idea, boy.

    5. "Never did anything to you."?

      Artyomka, for someone with military background, you are extremely dense. It doesn't matter to him if you do anything to him, it does matter to him when you spill innocent blood, when you sell your own daughter to prostitution, when your actions are responsible for the deaths of innocents.

      That is all the reason he needs to go after you, no problem. And you calling him "boy"? Funny coming from a coward who beats up little girls.

      As for you Incogny, it will help, a lot, trust me, we'll have fun.

    6. Uh... I have no military background? Other than that I can pilot a helicopter. I volunteer in rescue and I was a hitman for a while, that's my background.

      Actually, he's not going after me. He merely said that if he ran into me, he would. So it doesn't matter to him at all; he doesn't give a shit what happens to "innocents", nor Alexandra.

      Also, I did not necessarily sell her. What they did wasn't my business, maybe I accepted money for it, whatever.

      Why are you two so keen to drag me into this? Trynna create chaos in Moscow? You, me, Incogsy, Dimir, Alexandria et al?

      Actually, that sounds like so much fucking fun. I'm in for that!

    7. It's good to be back. Even though I'm forced to lay low for a while. At least I can lurk and comment on other blogs.

    8. Shine got inspired by the above comments and made something. https://fbcdn-sphotos-a-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-frc1/t1/1920543_634905676556994_403904446_n.jpg

    9. Is this what people like Kelevra do if they've followed you for however long? And you're all planning to battle it out here in Moscow? Well now I'm much more scared than Incognito .

  4. Jesus fucking christ cuntface, are you going to take the poor fucker out to dinner first or what?

    1. Make all the jokes you want, I don't expect your limited mind to understand, I mean the only thing you can do properly is run your mouth.

    2. Still a better and less creepy love story than Twilight.

    3. Fuck you! If you think I'm all talk then you haven't been paying attention

      Sanna: you got me there, it is a fuckton better than Twilight

    4. Oh no, you're not ALL talk, you're also good at crying and being a slave to someone's world, due to your limited mind not being able to create your own.

      And if you're referring to your fighting skills, didn't see nothing, all I saw was you just throwing threats, that's it.

    5. Oh hi Laura, how the fuck did you hack into Kelevra's account?

      I'm not a slave shithead. I'm where I am because I want to be and because I love the Wolf

      The only fucking reason you didn't see my fighting skills is because the Wolf asked me not to

    6. Jump up Kelevra's ass and die you fucking kiddie fiddler

    7. ...Why does everyone accuse me of being a pedo?

      Like I have never thought of a kid like that. That's just weird and creepy.

    8. Yes, you might desire it now, but before, you hated Knitty, you were afraid of her, that is up until the point when Knitty introduced her world to you, that you decided to live in it, right by Knitty. It was your choice, but you needed someone to open up your eyes.

      I didn't, I knew from the get go what I wanted and where I stood, so you can make fun of everything all you want, your sight will always be limited, cause you simply do not posses the power to see further, which is why I never found you interesting, not one bit.

      As for you Artyomka, didn't I tell you off, several weeks ago? Still hating the fact that your daughter trusts a psychopath more than her own daddy?

    9. You told me off? Oo, I better go sit in the corner with a fucking dunce hat. Please don't spank me with a cane.

      Who is the 'psychopath' you refer to? You? Mister motherfucking Incognito? David, or "Azrael" as he calls himself now? There are a lot of psychopaths she trusts. I'm not one of them. Yes, I hate that, but I hate most things so that's not really significant.

      So how shall I put this? It doesn't bother me half as much as you think it does.

      If she hasn't been arrested already, she will be soon, and then she'll be back here. So I don't give a fuck what you have to say about it.

    10. Yeah I changed. I learned a fuckload of new things while you spent your whole fucking life set in your ways

      Out of the two of us how the fuck do you think that I'M the one who's mind is limited?

    11. It doesn't mean shit if you learned; not when you're sitting there doing fuck all with it. "Because I love the Wolf", oh give me a break princess, I'm starting to feel sorry for you, it must suck ass to have no hobbies that the wolf doesn't have. It must suck to leech your identity off someone else.

      Say what you like about me and Kelevra, say what you like about Laura even. But at least we do things other than bitch and moan and completely orbit our loved ones.

    12. That's real fucking funny coming from the bitch who won't stop chasing after and whining about his daughter.

    13. Oddly enough, I agree with Artyomka on this one, that's the same problem Harty is having. He isn't doing anything other than stay in his comfort zone all day, but unlike you, Motormouth, Harty still has a chance to experience other things, to go out and find his own answers.

    14. I also have further proof that your inability to think for yourself runs in the family, remember Corina? Remember how Sunshine convinced her to kill? It's all in the genes apparently.

    15. Yeah, I remember that bitch. I also remember that she didn't fucking kill anyone and even if she did, she wasn't my sister. Take the shit out of eye and try again. And while you're at it stop trying to copy Carmine. That's just fucking sad.

    16. As for Sammi, what she did has nothing to do with me. That asshole had her fucking doing what he wanted by taking her out on a date. Then that cunt cannon Penelope had her selling him out just as fucking fast. If I couldn't think for myself, the Wolf would have had me chopping down bitches the same day she got me and I would be just as easily convinced to ditch her sexy ass.

      And yeah, I love the Wolf and so I stick with her and do things for her. I to try to make her happy. I'd ask you if you don't do the fucking same for your girlfriend but your girlfriend is a fucking coat.

      Anyway, it doesn't fucking mean I don't have my own identity or that I don't have shit that I like that she doesn't or that I like everything that she likes.

    17. Oh my god. Self awareness is not my strong point, but YOU, Fell. You have lowered the bar for my expectations of humanity.

      You ain't kidding fucking anyone except yourself here. It's sad, really. But I tell ya what, Fell. I take it back! You achieved one little thing on your own, and that's the prestige of being the dumbest bitch on this planet with zero self awareness. I know this award means a lot to you since you've been trying very very hard to get it. <3

    18. Oh Fell... You don't have to prove yourself to either of them.

      That being said, I do worry about what you will do when I die. I'm not going to be around forever and when my time comes, I want you to be able to move on with your life

    19. Don't talk like that! Who says you're dying first anyway?

    20. Please... I'm just saying that if it happens that way, I want to know that you're going to be okay

    21. We had this conversation before and I'm still saying that in that case what happens to me is not your concern, Wolf

    22. And I'm still saying that it very much is my concern. Now I want you to promise that if you outlive me, you will not give up, you will carry on with your life; taking good care of yourself while following whatever path you see fit. Promise me that.

    23. She can only follow her own "path" when Wolf dies? Hey Fell maybe you should gain independence by murdering Wolf, if that's what it takes... no, you'd never have the agency to even think about it because judging from the above comments, your mind hasn't quite internalised the concept of 'possibility'.

      But no worries. Wolf will eventually find 'Sunshine', or Kelevra if he gets rid of his jacket, and she'll ditch you for one of them, or someone like them. I mean why wouldn't she, they're more interesting and don't cling to her like a koala bear.

      Go on bitch, scream and stamp and try to insult me by saying things I hear time and time again in the hopes that I'll die from boredom while reading them. Seriously, do the angry dance for me. I might even slide coins down your arsecrack if you're funny enough.

  5. Replies
    1. How could I just go on without you like it was nothing? I can't make that promise.

    2. You can’t? So if something happens to me, you’re just going to lie down and die?
      Come on! You’re stronger than this. I know for a fact that you are. So that’s why you’re going to make that promise!

      Please Fell… I love you and I don’t want to drag you down with me

    3. I love you too, Wolf.

      Alright, I promise.

    4. I do so love a good romance conflict in the morning, better yet, I love causing it more.