Friday, September 6, 2013

Skywalker The Minxinator

Now recently, a little birdie came flying to my window saying "Kelevra, your only friend is in trouble, the big bad Skywalker has got he's hands on her skinny, little neck, so get off your lard ass and go help her." Now don't get me wrong, I hate birds, BUT! And there is a big BUT!

You see, I consider Minxie my friend, but that ain't the reason why I'm not happy with Skywalker, the reason is that I WORKED MY FRIKIN' ASS OFF TO GET HER WHERE SHE IS! And I'm not about to let anyone, remove that progress in one swift move.

So Skywalker, if you're reading this, which I think you do, once I locate you, I'm going to personally, give you one hell of a talking and show you, what you're missing, that one little detail, so I'll help you out.

TTFN, Ta Ta For Now.


  1. I think there were a lot of little birds, but I know I was one of them.

  2. You worked your ass off to get her where she is now??? Being torn apart, physically and mentally, piece by sweet little piece???? :3 I like you.

  3. OH. Is Kelly going to give me a scolding? A Big Bad Lecture? Will I have to go in TIme Out? Sit in the Corner?

    You had better have a DAMN fine speech prepared. Anything less, and I will kill and eat you alongside Sanna. Oh. And Make sure you come alone. If I see one wacky little misfit running around nearby, I am killing Sanna. No more waiting around and no more Time in the Happy Fun Chamber of Rainbows and Kittens.

    1. That is, if the kittens eat humans and the rainbows are made of blood.