Monday, September 9, 2013


Thats what you so called "Friends" are.

As you all probably know, Minxie is alive and of course she's better than ever, because, I think that she is starting to come around.

No matter what people say about Skywalker, I will say this, he is a very reasonable person and I'm very happy that we could come to an agreement, it is nice to see a person, who sees at least the slightest point in my actions and even agrees with them.

Today Skywalker pointed out something very important, all you so called "Friends" none of you did jack shit to help lil ol' Minxie. Nothing, all you did was just sit back and comment "Sanna I believe in you!". What's MORE funnier is that those who HAD the ability to help, also didn't do jack shit, people like Phil, JP/Veigar, Jack, David... none of you did anything to help, not even an attempt and of course I can already hear bullshit excuses flying my way.

Want to know something? Do you know why you didn't do jack shit? Not because you're afraid, helpless or anything like that, no, you didn't do anything because you simply don't give a crap, if Minxie died you would be like "R.I.P....Oh well Imma go get myself a sandwich."

You know the funny part of it all? Minxie's worst enemy is a psychopath and her best and only friend is also a psychopath and it's just a matter of time before she starts seeing things the way we do, because there is no one else to turn to.

But the funniest part is that people seem to consider me some sort of a hero after I had saved her, want to know something? I pin pointed Skywalker's and Minxie's location loooong time ago, I just didn't want to interfere when Skywalker was pushing her to her limit, I was going to interfere only when her life was at stake, as I did. You know why? Cause I consider her to be my little experiment FIRST and then my friend SECOND. Oh? What was that? How does that make me better? Cause I ain't afraid to tell her the truth, I'm not afraid to admit that, cause that's what friends do, they tell the truth.

The only reason why I didn't save her immediately is because the torture Skywalker put her through was good for my goals. I'm not a hero and I'm not a villain, I'm simply a guy who's goals come first than my friends, my relationships, my own life.

TTFN, Ta Ta For Now.


  1. Okay I'll admit it, I assumed you were going to save her. Or someone at least.

    And I was right, like you said she's alive. And that's all I really care about. Her life is more valuable than her sanity.

    Also, she does have somewhere to turn to aside from the psychopaths. I offered her to come over here. Unless you count me as a psychopath too, which some people do anyway.

  2. .....did i do something that hurt their feelings?

    maybe they had a good reason to leave me to die

    it hurts when will it stop hurting when will the screaming stop

    1. People are selfish Minxie, they don't care about anyone's problems other than their own, that is human nature.

      The sooner you see that, the sooner you will be able to cope with the screams.

    2. but the children..... THEY DID NOTHING WrONG why didnt he kill me i deserve it i deserve all of it he said so i deserve to die can i not just end it....?

      what anchors me here?

    3. The only reason I didn't come to save you sanna, is the +/-700 kilometers between us. And the fact that I had no idea where you were.

      I'm sorry I couldn't save you.

      But don't go falling for Morningstars tricks. HE killed those children. Not you. You couldn't have saved them.

      You don't deserve to die anymore than anyone else.
      Anything that bastard said was bullshit. Its the only language he knows probably.

      Remember if you kill yourself and the rumors are true, you'll end up as the archangels plaything. And I'm pretty sure he has some worse tricks than morningstar had. Even if you die, the screams won't stop.
      You'll just have to find a way to deal with the screaming.

      And you'll need to find something that anchors you here yourself. When you find that something, you'll become stronger. You might even be able to deal with the screaming.

      If I was you I'd at least try to find a way to cope with the screams before you die. Because an eternity of elritch torture AND those screams? Yeah, no thanks.

      The chilren i nothing wrong and neither did you. You need to realize that. Morningstar is the one that deserves to die.(And ironically, he can't, go figure. :/ )

    4. Woops damn keyboard, Y U make me make so many typos.

  3. I didn't help. Never said I would. Sorry, I'm a proxy. Got people to look out for, got friends, very little overlap between the two.

  4. I would've helped, but frankly, I'm not even sure we reside in the same dimension.

  5. I will admit, Veigar is a fucktard for saying anything at all.

    But did you really have to put my name? Just because the username is JP/Veigar doesn't mean you can't just put Veigar. I don't know if you remember this little fact or not, but I'm not self aware when Veigar is in control. I only JUST read through the Sanna/Morningstar thing.


    1. You know JP, I like Veigar, but you, you're just a coward, a sleaze bag, you're name is well deserved up there. If you truly wanted to help, you would throw Veigar aside, take control and help her.

      And don't give me crap that you can't do it, everything is possible if you put effort into it. But you didn't, you didn't even try!

      So don't give me that crap.

    2. Pfft. 'Coward'.

      Tell me Kelevra, how many times have you been kidnapped, tortured, beaten to a sliver to death?

      Take whatever number you have and add a couple hundred. Now, answer me this. How many times have you been kidnapped, tortured, and beaten to a sliver to death personally by THE FEARS?

      I can't count how many times the first one is. The second question? 79 times motherfucker. You want a list on which specific ones or just keep it general? And guess how many times I've broke? 0. So tell me bitch, how many times have YOU had Cold Brat sitting in your lap whispering christmas carols to you? 18 for me.

      And apparently you also don't know what it's like to not be control of your personalities. IT'S NOTHINGNESS! No dreams, memories, visions, or even consciousness, might as well be death! I don't even know when Veigar's in control, it's like a dreamless sleep. You're there one moment, BOOM, several days have passed in an instant.

      So seriously shut the fuck up. You know nothing of me.


    3. You're right, I don't know how it is, probably because I NEVER let that happen to me and even if I was experiencing that, you wouldn't see me, bitching and moaning, and bitching, and bitching, and bitching about it.

      Same goes for Fears, you think I was never hunted by them? You're forgetting that I used to serve Marshmallow just as much as you and that included me running into other Fears, but same goes for them. I NEVER let them torture me, kill me and such other stuff.

      As for your control thing, that's your little ace up your sleeve, always was, always will be, I told you this a million times, you can control anything you want, if you put effort into doing it. Don't be pissed at me, be PISSED at YOURSELF simply because you let all those things happen, and because you're too weak to control Veigar.

      Yes, Coward, because you HIDE behind your excuses, excuses and MORE excuses! "Uhh I wasn't in control." then BE control, don't come bitching to me about it, or anyone else.

    4. I'm all for the unfettered power of the human psyche, but that's a fuckstupid argument and you know it.

    5. If I call myself a coward will you shut the fuck up?

      If so, I'M A FUCKING COWARD, OKAY?! I don't want this damn life! I wanted to be a childrens teacher for fucks sake! But Veigar went and fucked every bit of it up! 'Hiding' behind things is how I survive, sure I've accepted death, but I don't want to die so I can do what I want with my life.

      And it's funny, because I've felt more pain than any of you will know.

      Burned, frozen, shattered, 'venomed', shot, sliced, cut by Rake, branded, eaten, given every deadly disease known to man, my flesh stripped, you name it, the fears have done it to me. And every time I almost die, they bring me back just to do it over and over and over and over and over and over again.

      You don't like cowards, right? And you know where we are, right?

      Why don't you have that little visit you and Veigar talked about. Me and you can have a little 'discussion', and then I'll let Veigar get back control so you two can do whatever the fuck you wan to do.


    6. Truth stings doesn't it? And in your case it seems to sting like a bitch, since you're obviously so pissed off at this.

      Still going to make that visit come true, I ain't leaving England for a while.

    7. Sting? Heh, nothing stings anymore. I have to live with Eta for crying out loud.

      And I'm not pissed off. Guys can express their emotions too you know. I'm just sitting here, eating some greek yogurt, and reading To Kill a Mockingbird.


  6. I would have helped if I had known.