Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Therapy Session #1


Seeing as I have some free time right now, Gorinich and Koschey are doing all the work right now, I'm catching a breather, not that I need one, but Egle insisted along with Fortissimo, something about serious injuries blah blah blah.

Lately I haven't been doing my duty as a psychologist and an artist which is a darn pity, because there are so many talented patients here, that it is a pity I do not expose their artistic minds, that I do not put them to the test, so starting today, we will have these little therapy sessions.

So far I have in mind three kinds of therapy sessions: Picture Therapy, Audio Therapy, Written Therapy.

Picture therapy is similar to the process of showing ink splatters to a patient and asking him what he sees, only I won't be showing ink splatters, that is too simple and stupid, no, what I'll be doing is uploading a picture and asking you the meaning behind it, the way you understand it, the story behind this picture, and I don't want a half assed answer in the comment like "That means this and this means that." I want you to tell me a story, a whole story.

Audio Therapy is me uploading an audio track and asking you what do you see when you listen to it (Suggested to do this with your eyes closed) again no half assed answers, a whole story is in order.

Written Therapy (Probably going to be the most rare one) is when I write a story and you tell me the meaning behind it, what it describes and so on.

And no worries, anyone who wants to can participate, there are no correct answers, there are only answers, so don't be shy, or afraid to tell us what story you see behind this piece, what meaning it conveys and so on...

Why am I doing this? Again as I said, there are many artistic minds that sit behind these screens and I want to expose to their fullest, I would continue doing patient analysis, but I got bored of doing that a while ago, so let us begin.

Tell me, what do you see and what in your opinion is the meaning behind what you see in this picture:

As an example I will first convey what I see and the meaning behind it for me:

Time is a cruel mistress, as a child you dream about becoming a pilot, or an astronaut, or a firefighter, police officer and so on...

But when you grow up, when you start observing, noticing how cruel the world is, how corrupt everything is, what horrible acts people are capable of, it takes an effect, it starts to slowly chip away at your humanity, your life.

And thus, you do not become what you wanted, because you've been told by the rules of this world that you can not get that career, that it is impossible, you better abandon it, or you might end up on the streets, a bum.

So you abandon your dreams because you believe what everyone tells you, because you believe the masses, because you are afraid to take on the opinion of others simply because there are millions of them telling you the same thing.

And you end up working at an office, at first the job is fine, it pays good, colleagues are nice and the place is nice and warm, but after some time, you start to notice that you are doing the same thing over and over again every single day, you get up, eat breakfast, brush your teeth, dress into your black and white clothing and waste your whole day stuck in a big cube, inside of that cube you sit inside another cube, constantly starring into another cube.

You start to live your life in a cube, the building you live, inside of it your apartment, the building you work at, inside of it your office, inside of the office the monitor you stare into, your humanity is slowly escaping you, you become enslaved, giving up your last bits of freedom (The Feather), your last bit of humanity (The Perishing Body).

And then, you die, and then you get buried in another cube that is your coffin.

So that is what I see, so now its your turn, also it is important for you to connect items that are shown in this picture, like I did by pointing out that Freedom is a Feather and Humanity is That Perishing Body in the picture that is holding the feather.

So patients, begin.


  1. Erm OK, I'll give it a go. Don't laugh at me.

    Someone sees the world in black and white. Not greyscale, but black and white, it is or it isn't, and something made them shut themselves off to any other possibilities.

    Someone sees themselves alone, very alone.

    Someone sees themselves as a monster, an outcast, that's why the guy is kinda deformed, like he has no eyes and shiz.

    Someone is afraid to touch the white feather.

    Someone thinks the white feather is the only thing they have going for them.

    Someone thinks if they touch the white feather, they will destroy or corrupt it.

    Someone despises what they are.

    1. So far, in my opinion, best comment, good job.

    2. Now for the Feather, I guess. Again, don't laugh at me.

      The feather is something important to them. The feather could easily be a dream as you said. It could also be something like hope.

      While it's the only good thing they have going for them, they are afraid of ruining the feather, they think that carrying it will corrupt it. They see the world as dark, hence why it's in black. In white, the feather is the only 'pure', 'light' thing they have. Alternatively, the feather is everything to them, all they have left. The feather is the only thing that is not a burden on them.

      They don't understand that feather isn't as delicate as they think. Not many people understand the properties of feathers. Feathers are waterproof, strong and light. They are highly flexible and let birds fly and turn at high speeds. They camouflage birds and let them stay hidden from predators and prey. They can keep the bird's eggs warm. They also keep the bird warm, although they can also be used to keep it cool.

      When a beautiful bird flies away and leaves a feather, you can pick that feather up, but you will never see the bird again. In time, the bird could well be dead. The feather may be all they have left of something, or someone, that left or passed away.

    3. Oh so then immortality of being always remembered through a certain item, good, very good.

  2. Some people hold onto the spark of life far longer than they should.

    1. I like what you see, but again, lack of story, every art bears a story, but still you saw something, which is good.

  3. He looks like my uncle Walter.


    1. Well we shards call each other siblings. And the Red cap is considered our mother. But thats just because of the lack of a proper word for the term. Human languages lack many things.

      But really, that picture looks completely like Walter. I wonder what happened to him.


  4. Humanity is a jealous petty sort. Always has been
    We dream of the ideal, the seemingly impossible
    Yet, due to our very nature, we crush those who have already achieved that ideal

    An early man wishes to fly as a bird, but upon discovering he cannot, he kills the bird out of spite

    Such is the way of our species. Now, we may not always kill those who possess that which we do not, but we still exercise the same cruelty in other ways.

    Perhaps we seek to expose or emphasize their flaws

    Perhaps we take pleasure in any suffering they happen to endure

    Perhaps, if we can, we steal that thing which we lack

    And when we do, we become the new target, if we are not already

    1. Ah jealousy! (I think that's how you spell it).

      The feeling that is the very source of many sins and in fact a sin itself.

      Take notes ladies and gents Knitty and Minxie are doing a tremendous job of interpretation.

    2. You spelled it correctly.

      The sin is usually called envy.

      Envy can either come because we are too obsessed with ourselves, or because we obsess too much over others and don't see what we have.

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  6. I'm not very good with normal words, so this will have lots of swearing.

    Life, and her ssters (Time, Karma, and Irony), are all bitches.

    Karma is the least of a bitch. She's like big brother, always watching and scolding when doing something wrong. But they turn into big mother when repeatedly doing wrong, beating you at that point.

    Then there is Irony, she strike at the perfect (worst) times. She makes the best or worst situations flip on their heads in a clusterfuck of ways.

    Next, Time. Time is the bitchiest of Life's siblings. She rips you away from the comforts of a child, putting you in the uncomfortableness of an adolescent, then throwing you into the shitty life of an adult. Finally she ages your body to a point of being a burden (Perishing Body).

    Life is the bitch of all bitches. She constantly tries to take away that last spark of.....ANYTHING away from you. Hope, love, hate, lust, envy, everything, life tries to take it away (Feather). But you hold it firmly in your grasp, watching it wittle away as Life pulls at it.


    1. Ah, against all odds, good one, very good.

  7. The man found what he thought was a cool feather on the ground.

    He went to pick up it and discovered that it was nothing more than your average white feather.

    Disappointed by the result of his endeavor, he went up to the first person he saw and said "Would you like this feather? It saddens me."

    ...Yeah that's all I got


    1. The person who accepts the feather is a little girl who plays with the feather, batting it around in the air. She made him a card and stuck the feather on it and gave it to him as a present.

      (Just wanted a happier ending.)

    2. Aw, Raggedy, come on think it up, turn up your imagination, granted I did have a laugh at your answer, but be more creative, imagination go wild, everyone has it in them.

  8. I saw the feather as a flame so I'm basing this on what I first saw.

    What I see is a sad, old man who is about to give himself a live Viking funeral. There is the simple answer, but the part I'm interested in is what would lead the man to commit suicide.

    1. Feather, as a flame? Very good.

      But Kyle, you see the story behind this drawing, so it is I who should be asking you that question.

  9. My first thought was "he's holding a tranquilizer dart" instead of a feather. Contemplatively, and a little melancholy. There's meaning attached to the thing. Is he going to use it, or has it already been used? For what purpose? The image itself is reminiscent of X rays or MRI scans, which suggests self examination and introspection. Or I could have just pulled that out of my ass. My point is there is a decision being made here, and a heavy one.

    1. That is a very interesting interpretation, a MEDical (Ho Ho Ho Ho!) explanation, very good.

  10. I see an asshat trying to be clever.

    1. Your such a spoil sport you know that?

      I mean where do I indicate that I'm smart? I just want to have good conversations with smart people of this little blog world we surround ourselves with.

      And as you can see most of them conveyed some awesome ideas and thoughts that I enjoy reading, I don't know what your problem is, you need to seriously get laid.

    2. Oh yeah, it's all fun and enlightening conversations for you to mull over while you shove your dick into the many orifices of a corpse.

      You're not a doctor, you're not charming, the only thing you give a shit about is toying with people. And I don't like the fact you've decided to start pulling out the Thematic Apperception Test because I have no fucking clue what you plan to do with it, and yet every single person here is just like "Analyze me," like fucking sheep to a slaughter.

      So fucking fuck you.

    3. Oh here we go with the necrophiliac thing, so I fuck dead bodies, not like I do it out of enjoyment.

      What you say, could be true, but also what I say could be also true. And what I say is that I won't use this knowledge of these people against them, for one I don't know how I would go about doing that. But again, I can't prove that and you can't prove your point of view, so yeah.

      I don't think they are a bunch of sheep, people need to express themselves and I am giving them an opportunity to do that, along the way I'm enjoying myself because I get truly some amazing thoughts here in the comment section.

  11. Okay, I guess I'll give it a shot. This may get long so bear with me.

    I'll start with how the picture in and of itself is composed. It looks akin to an X-ray image with the nearly glowing white on a black background and some parts (feather, face) being brighter than others (outline of the arm, hands, shoulder). To me this represents how some things are so startlingly clear that you can't miss them, and some are so complex that, no matter what you do, they are still hidden from you.

    Now I'll move from left to right. So the feather and the hand.

    I actually saw the feather at first as a small animal, perhaps a humming bird, but then I realized it was a singular feather and not a small bird. This feather, as stated before, is very bright and stands out in stark contrast to everything around it. But, the feather is not detailed. You cannot see the fibers tuft out or join together the way you can on an actual feather. This represents that, even if we think we understand something, we don't understand every aspect of it.

    The feather appears to be simply resting on the index finger of the hand and not gripped between the index finger and the thumb. This represents that what we know is only a fleeting knowledge and can be changed by a smile change in the environment; it would only take a small breeze to lift the feather off of the finger would it not?

    Now, onto the man. Or it could be a woman, but he strikes me as a man. You can see parts of his brain and the muscle tissue in his face. This means that people - no matter how hard they try or now many walls they build up - are always transparent if you know how to look at them correctly. But his body is not the same way, so that means that any knowledge you gain of a person is never complete. There's always more.

    The eye-sockets are completely black. They say that the eyes are the window to the soul, so this can mean that no one can really see who you are by looking into your eyes, or that this man has no soul. For explanation's sake, I shall go with the former.

    The expression that I see on the man's face is a sad or confused look. The eye-sockets are flatter at the top, showing that any eyebrows or related muscles would be angled down. The mouth is also placed in a rather extreme frown.

    In conclusion: We can understand many things, people, places and situations; but we can never fully understand them, no matter how much we wish to. No matter how long you stare at something and think you understand it, that understanding can change in an instant.

    No knowledge is fully correct, or permanent. Knowledge is a fluid, ever-changing thing like time. And with both time and knowledge people will always want what they can't have - more.

    1. What an amazingly awesome point of view, you described everything perfectly well,you saw such details that I myself might have ignored, very good.

      Also, happy you decided to join in our little therapy session.

    2. Thank you. I like to analyze and break apart things to look at them so that's where all the details come in I suppose. (Sadly this leads to my habit of over-analyzing many a thing...)

      Well one could make an argument that I'm in some serious need of therapy, and I'm not about to go see a shrink! I'd be committed in a heartbeat.

  12. By the way Kelevra, your interpretation of the picture reminds me of this song I know, the part where it goes:

    When I was little,
    I dressed up as an astronaut, and explored outer-space
    I dressed up as a superhero, and ran about the place
    I dressed up as a fireman, and rescued those in need
    I dressed up as a doctor, and cured every disease

    It was crystal clear to me back then
    That the only problems that I could face
    Would be the same problems that affect us all
    But of course this sense of common existence
    Was sucked out of me in an instance
    As if from birth I could walk
    But I was forced to crawl

    You can listen to the song here.

    1. Thanks for sharing this, can't say I love the style, but hey, at least the meaning is rather good, and yes, you are right, it is similar to my interpretation.

  13. It doesn't matter.

    A man is from South Africa
    and the streets of Moscow.
    He is in the Afghan military.
    He is Mexican.
    He is white, black, Asian.
    He is Catholic, Jewish, Muslim.
    Swedish. Trinidadian.

    His hair is black. His hair is blonde.
    His eyes are blind from the sun.
    His eyes are bloodshot from weed.
    His eyes are blue, brown, gold.
    It doesn't matter.
    He has webbed toes. He has no toes. He has no feet.
    He has no left ring finger.
    Not anymore.
    It doesn't matter.
    He is ten. He is nine and a half.
    He is seventy five.
    A mid-life crisis.
    Or just a crisis.

    He beats his dog. His son-in-law beats his daughter.
    He pursues the Timberwolves and they pursue him.
    He is a proxy and a runner and a Judgment and a Lilim.
    He takes care of sick camels.
    He takes care of sled dogs.
    He misses home. He has never left.

    He has cancer.
    Malignant tumour, they said.
    Six months, they said.
    A million years, they said.
    Fuck off, he said.
    Get out of my house, she said.
    Tough shit, we said.
    He doesn't speak English.
    He teaches it.
    He can't read. Lucky cancer is more than a word.
    Staining his mind. Infected all the way through
    It spreads to the bones,
    It tears through the marrow.
    It's cancer. It's madness. It's cystic fibrosis.
    It's guilt. It's hunger. It's malaria.
    It's paranoia. It's hatred. It's the common cold.
    It doesn't matter.

    Wife carried a son.
    Son carried a gun.
    All carried a coffin.
    All carried a disease.
    All carried maggots.
    Police carried a search warrant.
    One in a million.
    One in seven billion.
    Seven billion in seven billion.

    Wrong. Right. Wright.
    Soldier, pacifist.
    Fighter, lover.
    Singer, killer.

    Side by side.
    He listens to Bon Jovi.
    He listens to old radio.
    He has never heard a dialling tone.
    He listens to the gunshots in the morning.
    He listens to the birds in the evening.
    He keeps watch for lions in the savannah.
    He keeps watch for bears in the tundra.
    It doesn't matter.

    He is a she. He was a she? She was a he?
    It doesn't matter.
    On the outside, he is skin.
    On the inside, bone.
    On the outside, angry.
    On the inside, sad.
    In the middle.
    Twisted. Disfigured. Wrought.

    He wants.
    He needs.
    He kills.
    He plunders.
    He rapes.
    He suffers.
    Humanity suffers.
    Twist. Disfigure. Wring.
    Rape. Steal. Plunder.
    Drill. Aim. Fire.
    It doesn't matter.