Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Aces of Rejects, Member #4: Gorinich

Name: ???
Age: ???
Sex/Gender: Male (I think)
Occupation: Ex-Maenad
Weapon: Two blades surgically attached to his wrists.
Tittle: Leaper
Favorite Line: Growling and Snarling like an animal
Theme Song: Aphex Twin - Beetles

Special "Talent": Enhanced (Very) Agility, Enhanced (Very) Strength, Leaps for really far distances.

Bio: Not much is known about Gorinich, for one I have no idea how he ended up being a Maenad (Rake's Servant), I don't even know for a fact that he is a Maenad. But he sure acts like it, he walks on all fours at all times, acts like a wild animal, his strength is unbelievably high, agility is also unbelievably high and his body has been fucked up to the point where he almost looks like The Rake, keyword being "Almost". One thing that stands out are these two blades sticking out of his wrists, well I know for a fact that Gorinich was a Surgeon in the past, which would explain how the blades are attached to his wrists, he may have attached them by himself, before his human mind completely collapsed. What do I mean by that? Well Gorinich can't talk, he can't behave like a human, in other words, he acts like an animal, he probably is. So how could I come into terms with a creature that can't understand me, I didn't, you see he acts like an animal, that means he can be trained and somehow Egle was able to befriend him. To be short, he is like her little pet, or something like that, so it is natural that when Egle joined my group, that Gorinich would do so also.

 Fighting Style: No fucking idea, he just usually leaps onto his victims and rips them apart with his blades.

 Main Goal: Following Egle's goals.

 Status in The Team: Infiltrator.


  1. A pet Maenad sounds fun! You could play Frisbee and all.

    Except if it shits and pisses everywhere and you have to clean it up.

  2. Sounds great. Until someone bribes him with steaks (or possibly lower-class people, haw haw haw). Seriously, who doesn't go around with a tin of spam just to bribe pissed off animals.